6 ways to turn your Attitude into ASSET!

A book was written by John C. Maxwell, The Difference Maker.

“There is little difference in people, but the little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is the attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

Attitude is an internal feeling expressed by outward behavior. It is how a person respond based on the external circumstances.  Attitude colors every aspect of life. It can paint everything bright and beautiful colors. It also can make everything dark and dreary. The best part of attitude is that it can be control and train.

Your attitude can be either an Asset or a Liability. A positive attitude is always an asset every day in nearly every way. It acts as a guide whether to respond or to react to an event.  It is an asset if you respond to an event. It will inspire you to be better, and it will energize you are when facing adversity. It is a liability if you react to an event. It will drain you out to be worse and it will de-energize you are when facing adversity. It all depends on your choice!

“To change your life, you must make a choice to take responsibility for your attitude, and to do everything you can make it work for you!”

 Here are the steps that were shared by “The Difference Maker”. I added in my thought about the steps as well.

1. Take responsibility for your attitude.

Attitude does not come from outside ourselves. It comes from within. It is always a choice to respond or to react. It is consequences is what you cannot choose as it depends on your choice. Once you decided to take the responsibility, you need to follow through until the end and sustain it over a period of time.

2. Self-assess your present attitude.

The key is to look at yourself objectively, to separate your internal being from attitude. Determine the sources of negativity that feed into you. You need to address it accordingly. It could be problem feeling about yourself. It could be problem feeling related to others. It could be the problem of the way you think. You may need to eliminate or substitute it with a positive feed.

3. Develop the desire to change.

Change is possible, if only you want it badly enough! The challenge is, you need to let go the old ways to develop a new one. It needs to be cultivated consistently. Find your anchor for that change. It could be an event of failure, losing of love one or regret. The anchor gives you a strong purpose of changing. This will drive you to change!  My anchor was the day I lost my father to cancer. That moment was the greatest adversity my family, and I have to face. I use that event as my anchor to change. Find that desire to change and work on it.

4. Feed your mind with positive feed.

The human mind has tremendous power in our lives. That which holds our attentions determine our action. The mind needs to receive the positive feed to take positive action. Most of the time, I read inspirational books, watch an inspirational video, have a quality discussion with great positive-minded people and use a positive word in my conversation. You are what you are based on what is going into your mind.

5. Develop your habits.

A change in attitude begins with the change in behavior first. A change of behavior starts with changes of habit. A change of habit starts with the change of action. In other words, act first, and you will become. Habits are not instincts. They are the action that we have take over  a period of time.

6. Manage your attitude daily.

Making decision is important, however managing the decision made is more important. This is to sustain the habit. You can make a decision to have a good attitude, but if you do not make plans to manage that decision every day, then you are likely to end up right back when you`re started. Keep reminding yourself of the decision you have made to have a positive attitude. Direct your action accordingly. This is critical as it shows consistency between your thinking and action.

Making your attitude as your asset take time and practice. It is a form of the continuous cycle, and the key is daily execution! 


Source: The difference maker by John C Maxwell

A book written by John C. Maxwell, The Difference Maker, is a definitely a book to read and highly recommended. There is more learning in the book that I would like to share. Stay tuned for more blog post.


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  1. Exactly. Having a positive attitude comes a long way plus it attracts good people. But making it consistent is tiring. You need to put on a face at times- and it’s a choice, a good choice.

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