10 POWER UP TAGLINES to face life adversity!

Running the Spartan Race helps me to embrace the adversity of life. A life without adversity is a life without growth. A life without growth is a life without meaning. A life without meaning is a life not worth living.


Words are the most powerful tools made by man. The word can be used to change the mindset of a person significantly. I believe self-talk has a direct bearing on our performance. Spartan Race involved running, jumping, climbing, lifting and memorising codes. The toughest race I ever joined was the Spartan Beast. It was  21km run with 33 obstacles.


Completing the Spartan Beast

It was the longest run I ever ran, and it includes obstacles. Unfortunately, I failed 2 out of 33 obstacles. There were the rope climb and the multi-rig. These obstacles hit the upper body very hard. To make matter worse, the obstacles was the last few kilometres of the race, and I was very exhausted. I had to do 30 burpees for each failed obstacle. I was struggling running after the burpees, and I had to walk. I tried to pick up my pace, and it was tough!

It was a shocked to my body. I experienced cramp on my right calf, joint pain on my right knee and bruises on my arms and elbow. It was painful. It was a battle between me and the race. So, how do I endure it?  Self-talk! I kept talking to myself positively and feeding my mind the “CAN DO” attitude.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling

I repeat these sentences throughout the race;

I must not stop!

I must finish this race!

I must beat this obstacle!

I must reach the finish line!

The moment I crossed the finish line, I said: “I did it!”. The lesson here was to watch your word. Your word will be made flesh. If you talk negatively, it will hurt you and discourage you. If you speak positively, it will heal you and encourage you. Repeating positive words reinforced my mind to push my body to perform beyond my expectation and finally finished the race.

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

Zig Ziglar

My favourite positive tagline that helps me to face life adversity is “Men Respond, Boys React. Why must I respond to this instead of reacting?” The toughest adversity I had to face was when my father lost his fight to cancer and was called by God. He was an inspirational mentor, a bold leader, a loyal husband to my mother and loving father to his 6 children. I have to say it was tough. I asked myself, how must I respond to this adversity?  I answered, “Learn to live with it and move on. I am very sure my daddy will NOT be happy if I continue to cry about it until today.”  I had to turn the words into action and march forward to embrace adversity. Of course, it is easier said than being done. I need to put it into action, then my feeling will follow. Until today, I am still adapting his absence. However, it will take time for my family and I to heal.

“Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow.”

Helen Keller

React is to take action without thinking. In another word, it leads to an unconscious decision.  It is an emotional reaction. It is usually based on anger, frustration, victim-minded and it is NOT the most rational way to take action. To respond is taking the situation in, pause and decide the best option to take action. It is a conscious decision. This is based on key values such as honesty, integrity, respect, with victor-minded and it is a rational action to take.

Let just say, you lost your mobile phone! Every information, pictures, contacts and video are all gone!  There are 2 ways here, whether to react or respond?

To React: You immediately react by getting angry with frustration. You may curse yourself for being stupid, careless and dropping all the bad words. Then, you begin to release that negative energy to the people close to you. They could be your friends, siblings, husband or wife. This could affect your relationship with them, and it is counter-productive. This will NOT make anything better.

To Respond: You begin to notice the anger building up in you. Take a deep breath, pause and assess the whole situation. Ask yourself the right question, what can I do to get my phone back? It is an iPhone, it has an ICloud: letsUse Lost Mode function. Let me contact the Apple support team through my laptop or using my friends` mobile phone. Taking it one step at a time and asking the right question to solve the problem. If you cannot get your phone back despite all the efforts look at the bright side, you have the opportunity to get a new phone! The next question to ask “What I need to do to avoid this from happening again?”.

Based on the stated example, to respond and to react may look similar but that are not identical. The state of mind are not identical, and the outcome is different.

My advice to the readers is keeping an eye of your words. Say the positive words to encourage you. Believe me, it will empower you to perform at your very best. My favourite positive tagline is “Men Respond, Boys React. Why must I respond to this instead of reacting? So, what are your tagline? Write it down and keep reminding yourself that keywords so that the adversity can be handled properly. Here are my other positive taglines when I faced life adversity.

  1. When comes to discouragement: I Can, I Will and I Must
  2. When comes to failure: It is either you succeed, or you learn. Always remember, today`s failure will no guarantee future failure. Learn, and you will succeed. 
  3. When comes to change:  Let’s see what is within my control and what is not within my control? What can I do to manage this change?
  4. When comes to the problem: Problem is an alarm clock of creativity. What can I do to solve it? 
  5. When comes to fearFear makes us afraid to do something that might be beneficial for us. It will limit our potential!
  6. When comes to negative critics: A lion does not turn around when the small dog is barking. I will not let them impact me.
  7. When comes to laziness: You`re going to regret this. The others are grinding, what are you doing?
  8. When comes to success: It is great to celebrate success. Remember today`s success will not guarantee future success. Keep grinding.
  9. When comes to coaching: The great inspire themselves, legends inspire others. 
  10. When comes to opportunity: When the opportunity comes, it`s too late to prepare. Treat every opportunity as the last! 

Begin with a positive tagline. Usually, I repeat these lines for at least 3 times to embed it in my mind. Most importantly, put your words into action! Actions always speak louder than words. For each life event, act and work on it daily! Feeding your mind with positive thought will turn it into positive action. Your positive action will feed your positive habit. Your positive habit will determine a brighter future for you.

You can determine your own positive tagline to keep your focus on the positive side of life. So, what is your tagline? Please share by commenting your tagline below!  





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