The HYPE at the start line of the Spartan Sprint!

The first Spartan Race in Malaysia for the year 2017. The Spartan Sprint! It was on the 12 March 2017. At first, I thought it was 5km run, but it was 8.9km! I said; Challenge accepted! I completed the race within 1hour 51minutes. I failed one obstacle out of 27 obstacles. It was was the Spear Throw! That was 30 burpees for me. My brother, Matthias and sister, Melissa also joined the Spartan Race Sprint 2017. It was Melissa`s first Spartan Race too. I was excited that she willing joined the Spartan Race! I am glad that I can inspire her to enter the Spartan Race. In this article, I would like to cover my top 3 toughest obstacles to beat!

Spartan Race Siblings Start

Myself, Melissa and Matthias


Spartan Race Spear Throw

Spear throw seems to be a simple obstacle, and it is considered one of the Spartan Race`s signature obstacles. All you need to do is walk up to a starting point, grab the spear with your firm hand, aim, and throw. Remember you got only one chance to throw the spear at the target. The spear must stick into the targets. If you miss, it is a failed attempt. If it hits and bounces off, it is a fail attempt. You need to get down to do the burpee! It may sound easy, keep in mind the Spear Throw was known to be the Burpee Maker!! It does not require any significant strength, but it requires techniques. In my previous Spartan Beast and Spartan Super, I successfully stick the spear into the target! I was overconfident as I grab the spear and throw the spear to the target. I missed! I had to do 30 burpees. Remember you got only one chance to throw the spear at the target.

My Workout for the Spear Throw: I made my own spear and practice, practice and practice.


Bucket Brigade Spartan Race

Bucket Brigade is one hell of an obstacle. My body took quite a toll after completing the obstacles and it will test your mind and will to keep moving.  I need to fill the bucket with gravels from the “bin” to a point above the line of holes in the bucket. Then, I need to carry the bucket through a small hill, through the jungle, muddy path, and over big tree roots. I need to return the bucket filled with gravel. Finally, I emptied the bucket back into the bin. It was tough! I had to stop three times to catch my breath. I had to walk for a few minute before I catch up my running pace. The Bucket Brigade is a mandatory obstacle. If I failed to execute, it not burpee. But, I need to perform the obstacle once again. Thank God I managed to complete it.

My Workout for the Bucket Brigade: Deadlift! Get a bucket, fill it with weight and walk! 


Spartan Multi Rig

The Spartan Race organiser loves to put The Multi Rig at the end of the race. The Multi Rig is my number 3 of my top three toughest obstacles. The Multi Rig is similar to a monkey bar, but the only difference it has gymnastic rings, pipes, rope and the traditional cow bell at the end of the obstacles. The Multi Rig test the strength and endurance of the upper body strength and coordination. I failed The Multi Rig in my Spartan Super 2016 Malaysia and Spartan Beast 2016 Malaysia. However, I conquered this obstacle in The Spartan Race Sprint 2017 Malaysia. Yeah!! There is definitely, room for improvement in the future! Aro!!

My workout for the Multi Rig: Monkey bar, dead hang and pull ups!

To recap, my top 3 toughest obstacles would be the Spear Throw aka The Burpee Maker, the Bucket Brigade which will wear down your body significantly, and finally, the Multi Rig which will test your upper body strength and endurance.Brigade which will wear down your body significantly, and finally, the Multi Rig which will test your upper body strength and endurance.

If you`re a Spartan, please share your toughest obstacles in your Spartan Race Journey. Please also share your workout to overcome it by commenting below.



Please check out THE 5 PHENOMENAL LESSONS FROM SPARTAN RACE!. To summarise, there are the focus on the finish line, be ready, choose your word wisely, take action, and most importantly helps others.

Spartan Race

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