The moment you write your goal on a piece of paper, you just only took the first step. For you to take the second steps and to continue until you reach your goals is by taking action. Execution is the key to success!

People love the feeling of being motivated, they don`t like to put in the work do something about the feeling. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Here are 3 key points you need to remember to make sure you execute! You just need to do it!!

1. Plan.Do.Check.Adjust.

You need to PLAN your big goal backward by breaking it down into smaller goals. Write or draw the map out the goal that you want to achieve, up to where you are today! Your big goal could be one year to five years’ time. Then, break it down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Write down a simplified to-do list daily, which can be done within your 24 hours in a day. Remember to keep track of it! DO the listed task everyday and make it a habit!

The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits. ~ Tom Ziglar

Every night before you go to bed, spend 10 minutes to CHECK where you are on the list. Ask yourself, “What did I do well?”, “What I did not do well?”, “What can I learn from my shortcomings?” and “How can I change that?”. Be honest with yourself when you are answering these questions. Self-Awareness is the KEY! You have to be flexible to ADJUST your daily tasks to achieve your goal. Then, you need to PLAN for the next day. The cycle continues with persistence until you reach your goal.  In a month, perform a major CHECK and ADJUSTMENT on where you are in your journey to achieve your goal.

2. Visualised the reward and the punishment.

Here is the story, imagine there is a 10 million dollar put in front of you. What you need to do is to run towards it. Once you grab that 10 million dollar, it is all yours and you will be super rich! Imagine you are in the jungle and a hungry lion is chasing to hunt and eat you. What you need to do is to run towards a building that keeps you safe and alive. Between these two stories, which do you think will run faster? I believe most of you will say the second story. You need to run for your life.

However, I think you will run faster if you see both! Let the lion chase you and put the 10 million dollars in front of you. You will run even faster! The reward is being wealthy with 10 million dollars and the punishment being dead. Here is the punchline, visualized the reward when you achieved your goal and visualized the punishment when you fail to achieve your goal.

Always start with questions. “What is the reward or benefit if I achieve my goal?” and “What is the punishment or the pain if I DON`T achieve my goal?” Visualised it for every goal that written down. Visualised the reward and visualised the punishment!

3. Get an accountability partner.

Human, as typical as it sounds, is made imperfect. We have that tendency to deviate from the desired goal over a period of time. When I was 12 years all, my parents were my accountability partner. They make sure I get good results in school. They tracked my academic performance. As we move into adulthood, your parents may not be there to keep track of what you are doing all the time. Hence, you need people around you to help you. Especially, those who are already successful!

An accountability partner takes on the role of trusted confident or a mentor whom you trust and who can provide you with the guidance and motivation to move forward. We need them in different areas of life. Some of them possess skills in certain areas in which you may need to achieve your goal.  They are your important resources whom you can trust, and who genuinely wants to help you. They are not afraid to say, “Why do you have that goal?”, “You`re doing the wrong thing because I did this before. This is what you should do?”, “How is your goal progress?”, “How do you feel about it?”, “You did great! Keep it up?” and they will help you to visualize the reward and the punishment,

Let’s recap, the first one is to Plan.Do.Check.Adjust. Secondly, visualised the reward the punishment. Visualized if you achieve your goal and visualized if you fail to achieve your goal. Most importantly, get a trusted accountability partner to help to in your journey. Wishing you all the best!  Remember, execution is the key!!

Ideas are worthless, execution is the game! ~ Gary Vaynerchuk



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