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I completed the Spartan Race Super Malaysia on the 9 July 2017 at Nexus International School Malaysia, Putrajaya. The distance was 14.2km with 29 obstacles. It was a tropical and humid environment. I signed up in the Spartan Elite Category to get the feel of being surrounded with the top Spartan Racer. I completed the race with 3 hours 18 minutes and 32 seconds.


Self-Awareness is an essential key element of success. I had a reflection during my flight back home, here are my 3 important lessons from running the Spartan Race Super.

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Your why is the spark! It is your purpose. However, it means nothing without fuel. That is when MOTIVATION comes in. It is a form of fuel to light the fire. It is the desire or willingness to do something until you achieve the goal you want. Motivation fuels the engine of success. It maximises and maintains momentum until you achieve your life goal.

The key word here is “fuel”. Life has a very funny way to suppress your fuel. John C. Maxwell frames it up very well. They are known as discouragement, failure, changes, fear and problem. Guess what, these give life a meaning to fight for. Learn to embrace it. It is not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens, that makes the difference.  Here are my top three quotes on motivation! 


Quote on Motivation

When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful! 

Quote on Motivation_1

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor!


Quote on Motivation_2

Pride and Fear are the greatest motivation of life! 


My personal favourite, Pride and Fear are the greatest motivation of life. To explain this further, it is the pride of being successful, and it is the fear of failure. It does not mean you should not fail. I believe failure is a given. It is the pride of learning from your failure and achieve success from it. In other words, a comeback from failure. Due to fear, you take pride in your success! 

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Fuel your fire with motivation to live life with fulfilment!




Hello! If you follow me on my Instagram, I have been using the Spartan Race Fit Four Glove for my training. Especially when comes to obstacles specific training.

So why Fit Four?

Just look at my palm below. I got calluses, and it was ripped off. OUCH!! This is after 4 out of 8 sets of obstacles specific training like the monkey bar. After that, I had to stop for the obvious reason. Yes, it is very very painful. I cannot lift weight and some bodyweight training. This contributes to the downtime of my workout.


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Let us Start with Why. Your Why is the very purpose you exist. It is the spark of your fire. The How is the thing that makes you unique. The What is the actionable work that you need to do to reinforce your Why. It is the fuel to ignite the fire of your spark.  Your What is definitely your strength! It is your sweet spot. Once you discover it, you will feel fulfilled.

Go all in on your strength! By Gary Vaynerchuk 

These 5 key questions are for you to ask yourself to discover your strength. 

What do you enjoy?

Typically, what you enjoy doing is your strength. I am very sure you do not like to do things that show your weakness. If you enjoy it, you probably pretty good at it. Do like going to the gym, write a blog, running, calculating and so on. The key is you have to be fulfilled doing it. 

What comes effortlessly for you?

In other words, what is easy for you? It is a piece of cake for you.  Be aware that, some people undervalued themselves. You think is so easy that other people can do it as well. That is not entirely correct. What is easy for you could be tough for other people. People tend to see you are skilled in what you enjoy doing because they may not be able to do it as good as you. 

What area do you excel?

Do you get recognised by other people for what you do? Do you even receive an award? That is the indication of greatness.  However, people tend to keep it to themselves and being humble about it. In another perspective, you are actually downplaying your strength by doing so. That is what you should not do. If you know what you’re good at, it does not mean you are arrogant.  It means you are self-aware of your capabilities and strengths. Learn to embrace your strength.

We deny our talents and abilities because to acknowledge or to confess them would commit to use them. By Zig Ziglar

What do others encourage you?

You have to self-aware externally.  Listen to what people say about your strength.  “Wow, you great in writing.”, “You’re strong, can you coach me?”,  ” You’re really like reading, what book would you recommend to me?”, “I heard you’re good in model simulation.”, “Have you thought of writing a book?” Listen to them carefully. They compliment you for it. These are the sign of strength that you are radiating to the people around you.  Learn to embrace it. However, it still does not give you the excuse to sharpen your strength. 

What gives you energy?

When we work on what we love, it will give you energy rather it drains you. It excites you to do the work.  It does not mean you will not get tired. It is the good type of tired with a spice of satisfaction.  It is the kind of tired that you cannot wait to wake up and do it again and again. 

You can use these 5 questions as a guide to discover your strength. Your strength can solve other people problem. You must enjoy it. You must do it effortlessly. You are great at it. It encourages you to be a better person. Your strength will give you energy.

Give it enough time, you may accidentally become an entrepreneur. That is where the monetization comes in. However, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. Once you discover your strength, you need to hustle and grind to be great!  Here is the bonus, step you need these three things. The S.E.A FormulaSelf-Awareness, Execution and Accountability!  

If you‘re good at something, never do it for free. By The Joker, Heath Ledger


When you hear the word “Leadership”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? It could be your boss or management in your company. It could be your coach. It could be your team captain. It could be your president and prime minister. Here is my opinion, they just title that they held. It does not mean they have the noble leadership attribute. 

My late father taught me the 5 V’s of Leadership Attributes. There are Visible, Vocal, Value, Virtue and Vocation. Take some to read it. The toughest attribute to hold is the vocation. Vocation is defined as the undying commitment to serve. Leaders suppose to serve his or her people and lead them in the right direction. Before we lead people, ask yourself these question. Are you able to lead yourself? Are you a leader in your own life? Are you in control?  Once you are able to lead your life to greatness. Then, only you earn the right to lead people to greatness. Think about it. 

These are my 3 top quotes on leadership from Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek and Robin Sharma. There is one BONUS quote at the end by Simon Sinek.  Feel free to share this post. 

Quote on Leadership_1

Great Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. By Gary Vaynerchuk.


Quote on Leadership_2

Leadership is a choice. It is not a rank. By Simon Sinek


Quote on Leadership_3

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.  By Robin S. Sharma.


Quote on Leadership_Bonus

Are you a leader of your life?

Are you ready to lead people to greatness?


They are two types of people running the race. They are people who focus on the obstacles. They are people who focus on the finish line. Which one are you? The statement also similar when we live life.


They are two types of people in life. They are people who focus on the adversity. They are people who focus on the goal. Which one are you?

Let’s be practical. Setting goals seem easy. You write the plan of your goal nicely on a piece of paper or in your goal book.  After that, you leave it aside. Over a period of time, you tend to forget about it.  Here is the hard truth, the plan will not be materialized without execution.  Execution can be the main struggle. It is about getting things done and it takes the enormous amount of patience. The goal is to reach the finish line! Here are the 5 simple ways to focus on your finish line.

Make your goal VISIBLE

Our mind works well visually. What you can do is to make GOAL VISUAL BOARD and put your board in your room. It can be in a form of a whiteboard, chalkboard and pinboard. You can write your goal on your board.  You can stick pictures on it. You can do whatever you want on the board and put a deadline on your board. It must be very clear. Remember, clarity is power. You put Every day you wake up you will look at your GOAL VISUAL BOARD. You can look at it again at night and audit yourself. 

Goal Visual Board


Break down your goal into a LIST

You cannot swallow your whole meal in one go. You have to take one bite at a time and you can enjoy your meal. It is the same strategy when you are trying to achieve your goal. A massive goal is very overwhelming. It will cause you to lose confidence and motivation. The smart thing to do is to break down your massive goal into the actionable list. It has to be a specific and achievable task which you can do daily. It must practical and doable.  For each task completed, you will feel a confidence boost as you realise that you are one step closer to your goal. This makes reaching your ultimate goal that much easier.

For each task being checked, you will feel confidence boost as you realise that you are one step closer to your goal. Similar when you enjoy your meal one bite at a time, you can enjoy the process and the hustle to achieve your goal. That is how you can maintain your momentum and fire!

Action List

SHARE your goal with your friends or family

If your goal it not personal in nature, it is good to share with your friend and family. He or she will make you accountable. I am sure they are the ones you value to most. When they know your goal, they will have the expectation for you to achieve it. They will encourage you when you hit a wall. They will celebrate your success which will motivate you even more. Hence, this will help you to focus on your goal.

Accountability Buddy

Use positive WORD

There is a saying; “Words are Sharper than the two-edged sword” This is unbelievably true. What do you say about yourself will program your well-being in our mind and our soul.  When you say “I CAN”, it opens the door of possibility.  When you say ” I CAN’T”, it close the door of possibility.  Use positive word to describe your goal. By doing so, it programs your mind that it is achievable. It does not have to be some sophisticated sentence. Make it simple, yet impactful such as;


Positive word

AUDIT yourself

“Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” by Les Brown

In other words, audit yourself. It is a very important step in your goal hunting journey.  It requires an enormous amount of self-awareness and brutally honest with yourself.  It will help you adjust your journey if you sidetrack from your destination. It will help you to keep track of whether you are closer to your goal or not.  What can you do is get a book and write down your progress. You can use apps to help you as well.  However, I believe an old traditional book works best for me rather than apps. It helps me to focus with zero distraction.  Start with a question like the following;

  1. Am I on track?
  2. What did I do well today that allows me to achieve my goal?
  3. What did not I do well today that cause me to sidetrack from my goal?
  4. What can I learn from my shortcomings?
  5. How can I change that?

Here comes the power question,

  1. What are the rewards if I achieve my goal?
  2. What are the punishments if I did not achieve my goal?

Be very self-aware and be very honest with yourself. The best place to audit yourself is in front of your GOAL VISUAL BOARD. Ask yourself the questions above and make it a habit. You have to learn to face the painful truth rather than the beautiful lie. 

Audit Yourself

Let us break it down. 


Let’s do the work! See you at your finish line!