Let us Start with Why. Your Why is the very purpose you exist. It is the spark of your fire. The How is the thing that makes you unique. The What is the actionable work that you need to do to reinforce your Why. It is the fuel to ignite the fire of your spark.  Your What is definitely your strength! It is your sweet spot. Once you discover it, you will feel fulfilled.

Go all in on your strength! By Gary Vaynerchuk 

These 5 key questions are for you to ask yourself to discover your strength. 

What do you enjoy?

Typically, what you enjoy doing is your strength. I am very sure you do not like to do things that show your weakness. If you enjoy it, you probably pretty good at it. Do like going to the gym, write a blog, running, calculating and so on. The key is you have to be fulfilled doing it. 

What comes effortlessly for you?

In other words, what is easy for you? It is a piece of cake for you.  Be aware that, some people undervalued themselves. You think is so easy that other people can do it as well. That is not entirely correct. What is easy for you could be tough for other people. People tend to see you are skilled in what you enjoy doing because they may not be able to do it as good as you. 

What area do you excel?

Do you get recognised by other people for what you do? Do you even receive an award? That is the indication of greatness.  However, people tend to keep it to themselves and being humble about it. In another perspective, you are actually downplaying your strength by doing so. That is what you should not do. If you know what you’re good at, it does not mean you are arrogant.  It means you are self-aware of your capabilities and strengths. Learn to embrace your strength.

We deny our talents and abilities because to acknowledge or to confess them would commit to use them. By Zig Ziglar

What do others encourage you?

You have to self-aware externally.  Listen to what people say about your strength.  “Wow, you great in writing.”, “You’re strong, can you coach me?”,  ” You’re really like reading, what book would you recommend to me?”, “I heard you’re good in model simulation.”, “Have you thought of writing a book?” Listen to them carefully. They compliment you for it. These are the sign of strength that you are radiating to the people around you.  Learn to embrace it. However, it still does not give you the excuse to sharpen your strength. 

What gives you energy?

When we work on what we love, it will give you energy rather it drains you. It excites you to do the work.  It does not mean you will not get tired. It is the good type of tired with a spice of satisfaction.  It is the kind of tired that you cannot wait to wake up and do it again and again. 

You can use these 5 questions as a guide to discover your strength. Your strength can solve other people problem. You must enjoy it. You must do it effortlessly. You are great at it. It encourages you to be a better person. Your strength will give you energy.

Give it enough time, you may accidentally become an entrepreneur. That is where the monetization comes in. However, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. Once you discover your strength, you need to hustle and grind to be great!  Here is the bonus, step you need these three things. The S.E.A FormulaSelf-Awareness, Execution and Accountability!  

If you‘re good at something, never do it for free. By The Joker, Heath Ledger




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