#5MinutesTruth: Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far! #HustleQuote

There is a saying, “Work on the day job, and hustle the side job”. We can say hustle is a level higher of work. It is basically, squeezing every ounce of energy you have in you to fuel your passion. It is a component of GRIT which demonstrate passion and perseverance in your daily routine. Hustling is basically doing something extra and it requires the sacrifice of your time from your Friday night out, chilling on the weekends and any activity.

Here is the catch, you need to love the process of hustling. To do that, you need to love it and have a passion for it. It has to be effortless for you and you need to have excitement doing it. It must not be forceful because it will be not sustainable if you’re doing it for the sake of doing it. Confusion says,”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” There are 3 main key points when you are hustling;

1. Set a very clear goal and prioritize. – There is no such thing as too busy, it always comes down to prioritization. If it is not part of your goal, you must be brave enough to ignore it.

2. Be prepared to sacrifice your work/life balance. – Friday night out, movie night, hanging out and whatever activity that is not related to your goal. You got to drop it. At one point you are come selectively on who you mix with. However, never ever sacrifice family.

3. Never listen to the Naysayers- There is a saying, Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Constantly, worrying about what other people think of you or your actions causes nothing but mental and emotional stress. Do not let others control you. Remember, you only have one life to live, so make it a good one. You are accountable, not them.

Whatever your passion is, you need to hustle to make it a reality. That way you can live the dream that you want to live. Always remember why you start, when you feel you want to stop. Here are my top three quotes on hustle!

Hustle by MarvinInspire_1

I would rather hustle 24/7 than a slave of 8 to 4.

Hustle by MarvinInspire_2

Great things happen to those who hustle.

Hustle by MarvinInspire_3

Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.


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