Hello Spartans! Thank you for reading my blogs and I appreciate it very much. I hope it will add value to you. Now, I am going to share with you a review of The Spartan OCR Slit Leather glove.



Let us go back to the purpose of using the Fit Four gloves. Just look at my palm below. I got ripped calluses from my monkey bar training after 4 out of 8 sets. After that, I had to stop for the obvious reason. Yes, it is very very painful.


Yes, this is actually my hand. It hurt!

I cannot lift weight and do any training that requires me to grip on. It contributes to the downtime of my workout for at least 3 days. Then, I found out about Fit Four on Instagram and I immediately purchased it. I just had enough of workout downtime due to ripped callus. The first product that I use from Fit Four was the Spartan OCR Slit Grip. I already made a review of it. Please check it out.

Alright, let us now focus on the Spartan OCR Slit Leather. I bought this gloves for my own expenses and it was not given for free by Fit Four. I am also in a search for the best gloves that can help me to avoid ripped calluses and it is worth every penny of my investment. I will give an honest review based on recommendation score below. This is my personal opinion about the Spartan OCR Slit Leather.

1: Don’t Use it!

2: Not Recommended

3: Neutral

4: Recommended

5: Highly Recommended!

I used the gloves for obstacles specific training and powerlifting. I have not used it for the running the Spartan Race. Hence, there will be a follow-up post after using the glove during the Spartan Beast on the 9 December in Johor.  I have been using this product for about 4 months now. At the end of the day, you got to try it to know whether it suits you. Let us begin.

Key highlights of the Spartan OCR SLIT Leather gloves

  • Wearable with watch or fitness band thanks to patent pending slitted wrist wrap
  • Premium leather offers the ultimate grip in wet mud run conditions
  • Expandable and ribbed wrist wrap helps prevent injury while allowing wrist movement.
  • Thumbless and compression fit design prevents gloves from bunching.
  • Open, minimalist gloves design allow for breathing and quick drying in wet conditions.

OBSTACLE SPECIFIC: 5 for Highly Recommended!

I used the gloves for monkey bar training with the different type of variations. The typical monkey bar, side to side, and with a spice to neutral pull up. Besides that, I use it for bodyweight training such as pull-ups, chin up, and dips. The glove stays firmly on your hand, thanks to the expandable and ribbed wrist wrap. The wrist wrap does help to support my wrist when I am doing dips. It helps to prevent injuries without sacrificing ease of movement for manoeuvring through the craziest of obstacle races. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the fit four gloves. I can do more reps and sets without any calluses ripped on my palm. I gave it a 5 for highly recommended as it helps me to achieve zero downtime from training.


I was using the Spartan OCR slit leather for this training.

Let’s compare to Spartan OCR Slit Grip! The Spartan OCR Slit Grip performed better than Spartan OCR Slit leather when comes to gripping strength. However, the leather version allows you to swing efficiently which gave me the mobility to move to the other bar during my monkey bar training. I believe it is great for callisthenic training as the gloves allow you to swing better.


I am still doing powerlifting workout which includes the squat, deadlift and bench press. Personally, I had to give the recommendation score of 3. It is nice to have. The leather surface is quite thick and I would prefer to hold the metal bar. I usually use my bare hand with chalk when I do my lifts.  However, the  wrist wrap feature on the glove does help to support the wrist joint during heavy or maximum effort lifts for working that require pressing movements and overhead lifts. This includes overhead press, dips, bench press and the list goes on. It is about  the right tool for the job. In this case, I would be a 50-50. In other words, it has no impact on my lifting and it is a personal preference to use chalk instead of gloves.

Let’s compare to Spartan OCR Slit Grip! Between the grip version and the leather version. I would prefer the grip version. The red silicon on the palm of the glove does help to increase the grip performance. The leather version is good for bodyweight workout which includes pull-up and chin-up. I`m very happy about that. I not going to risk my downtime training due to ripped calluses.

My Final Thought

The Spartan OCR slit leather is very highly recommended for obstacle specific training with the top score of 5. Ever since I use the gloves, I had zero downtime from ripped calluses. For powerlifting, it is a neutral score for me. I prefer to use chalk and feel the metal bar! This is my personal preference. I have not used it for running the Spartan Race. So, there will be a follow-up blog post.  I hope my this review can help you to find the right gloves for your obstacle course training. This is my own personal opinion and you got to try it on your own.  Please click on the following link for part 2 of the review.


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