What is my favourite training shirt? #ModernVision #ApparelReview

The Navy Blue Impact Line series designed by Modern Vision is one of my favourite workout shirts.  It has the cool MV logo printed beautifully on the shirt.  I used it for running, lifting and obstacle specific training. Sometimes, I like to use it for a casual activity. The Dry-Tech fabric provides such a comfort and is suitable for use in a hot weather in Malaysia.

After I finish my workout set or my run, my sweat dries off pretty quickly. It is super light, breathable and again, super comfortable. Furthermore, it has wrinkle-resistant properties preventing my shirt to be wrinkled when placed in a gym bag.  It looks good in and out of the gym. The quality of the shirt is at the same level as other well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. I even bought the Black version after I used the Navy Blue ones. With a price of RM69.00 ($17.00) for one quality shirt. It is worth the money.


There is one time, while I was shopping at a sports shop.  I was talking to myself, “Should I buy a Reebok shirt or Modern Vision shirt?” Literally,  I checked the Modern Vision website again and purchased their product. Now I own seven of their quality product which includes their Classic Grey Snapback. I have no regrets about buying their product. I hope they will come up with the interesting product soon.

The anchor that inspires me to support Modern Vision is the vision that the brand represents.  They want to empower oneself by understanding and breaking boundaries between fitness cultures. They are people who love bodybuilding, powerlifting, callisthenics, running, CrossFit and the list go on. However, they are all on the same platform in a fitness arena despite the significant difference. I think it is incredible to have a brand that connects different athlete with great depth. The value that the brand carries is very similar to my fitness style. I love powerlifting and running obstacles race especially The Spartan Race. It is a hybrid athlete of strength and endurance. That is what I am aspired to be. I am going to test this shirt running the Spartan Race.

Modern Vision Navy Blue Review

On top of that, the founders are a fitness enthusiast, Ray, Haikal, Brandon and Kennedy. They are a bodybuilder, Crossfitter and weightlifter.  So, they know what the athlete needs.  They show how authentic and genuine the brand is. They are able to connect different type of athlete locally and internationally. Although Modern Vision is a young company, I have a strong feeling that Modern Vision will go far. I am glad to support their journey. Keep up the good work!  Overall, great product! Awesome founders! You guys should order one from them. You will not regret it.


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