How did I become the Fit Four Ambassador? #4EasySteps

I have been trying quite a number of gloves to suit my obstacles specific training. Why? I always get my calluses ripped, and it bleeds. Which cause downtime from workout. I came across Fit Four gloves. They are the official gloves for Spartan Race. I bought the Spartan Race OCR Slit Grip Gloves, and I have been using it quite frequently for my obstacle training. The training includes pull-ups, chin-up, monkey bars and rope climb. I simply love it! Please check their website, FIT FOUR GLOVES if you want to order one for yourself.

Here is the big question!

How did I become the Fit Four Ambassador?

Fit Four Brand Ambassador

I am going to share the steps that I took to be the Official Fit Four Ambassadors.

1. Buy Fit Four product.

The first step that I took is to buy one of their product. The first product that I bought was the Spartan OCR Slit Grip and use it for a period of time. The glove does help me to avoid ripped callus during my obstacles specific training. I have to believe in the product first. This is the most important step, you have to believe of the product first. Then, only you can be the Fit Four Ambassador.

2. Create great content!

Fit Four is the official gloves for Spartan Race. The content that I post is always related to the Fit Four product and Spartan Race. Fit Four is very active on Instagram. I believe it is their main social media medium to reach out the world. What I usually do is post workout pictures and videos while using their product. You can check out my Instagram account at, @marvininspire. Remember to use their hashtag, #FitFour #Fit_Four #FitFourGloves #OfficialGloveofSpartanRace and tag them in your post.  I also wrote an honest review of their products. It has to be genuine and authentic.

On top of that, I wrote about “How did I become the Global Spartan Race Brand Ambassador?” before. Please have a read. I am sure you going to love it too! I believe the steps are relatable to this content as well.

Check out the following post on my honest review of their Fit Four Product;




I was using the Fit Four Spartan OCR Slit Grip Glove for Spartan Race Super

I was using the Fit Four Spartan OCR Leather Grip Glove for obstacles specific training.

3. Sign up for their Fit Four Affiliate Program.

The third step is to sign up for it. There are requirements to sign up as follows;

  • Post twice a month on at least 2 PUBLIC social channels (one being Instagram and the other being Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other)
  • Wear, promote, and share Fit Four products as often as convenient.
  • Include in your social media profiles that you are a Fit Four BRAND AMBASSADOR
  • Add the Fit Four BRAND AMBASSADOR logo (link shared after acceptance) as it makes sense.
  • Write a product review on for at least one of our products.
  • “Like” Fit Four’s Facebook page and write a review/comment.
  • Follow our Instagram account (FIT_FOUR).
  • Repost our giveaways that we run on our Instagram account (FIT_FOUR).
  • Commenting on Fit Four social media accounts with your promo code is against our policy.
  • Tag us in Fit Four posts and use our social hashtags #FitFour #Fit_Four #FitFourGloves #OfficialGloveofSpartanRace.
  • Help Fit Four with races and events in your area if possible 
  • Contribute content to Fit Four via Email or Private Message


Once you signed up, you will receive an e-mail from Fit Four. They are reviewing your profile. You should receive an e-mail as shown below.

Fit Four Review.JPGThey are big on Instagram! Please make sure your Instagram profile has all the Spartan Race and Fit Four related content as stated in step two. Be continuously active add in content and promote engagement with your audience.

4. Be patient!

Be patient and continue to be active on your Instagram account. I believe they want to make sure your account is authentic. After 10 days, I received an e-mail as shown below. I am an official Fit Four Brand AmbassadorIt should be the same if you sign up for the program. Once you got it, congratulation and welcome! Continue to be actively promoting their brand and their product on your Instagram. Be authentic!  Remember to comply with their requirement!  


To summarize, the first thing to do is to buy one of their product. Then, you got to create great content, especially on Instagram. Once you established your account, you just need to sign up for the program. They will review your account. Be patient, and they will e-mail you a Welcome e-mail. Finally, you are the Official Fit Four Ambassador! All the best! Aroo!!

What will you get?

If anyone buys Fit Four product through my Affiliate Link, I will receive 10% commision for every purchase.  Also, I receive a special 10% discount code to share with everyone. Please use my Fit Four Ambassador code below to get your 10% discount for every item that you purchase from Fit Four! I am going to use the commision to maintain this blog and a to add values to my beloved readers.  I appreciate your support! 



Fit Four Brand Ambassador

I hope this blog post add value to you. I believe is it somewhat applicable to be a brand ambassador for other brands as well. Please follow me at @marvininspire! Feel free to share this post with your friends and family.

Let’s Inspire people to embrace life obstacles!



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