Hello dear readers, this is the second part of the Spartan OCR Slit Leather Gloves. I posted the first part of the review which covers Obstacles Specific Training and Powerlifting. Let us recapped.  I will give an honest review based on recommendation score below. This is my personal opinion about the Spartan OCR Slit Leather.

1: Don’t Use it!

2: Not Recommended

3: Neutral

4: Recommended

5: Highly Recommended!

I used the gloves for obstacles specific training and powerlifting. The scores are the following.

OBSTACLE SPECIFIC: 5 for Highly Recommended!


If you want to find out the details of the review, please click on the link SPARTAN OCR SLIT LEATHER GLOVE HONEST REVIEW #Part1.

Now the focus is on the usage of the  Spartan OCR Slit Leather during a Spartan Race. I was using the gloves running the Spartan Race Beast on the 9 December at the Sireh Park, Iskander Puteri Park.


I’m using the Fit Four  Spartan OCR Slit Leather Glove for the Spartan Race Beast

There was a practice obstacle area for the Spartan Race racer to practice the robe climb, multi-rig and the Z-wall. I managed to test the gloves on the rope climb.


I’m testing Fit Four  Spartan OCR Slit Leather Glove for the rope climb. So far, zero ripped calluses!

SPARTAN RACING SCORE: 4 for Recommended!

The Spartan Beast Distance was 22km with 35 obstacles. It was a tropical and humid environment. The race includes steep hills, rocky, mud, sands, and rivers. The obstacles that put the gloves to the test were the multi-rig, rope climb, twister, bender, and the monkey bar. As always, the Spartan Race organizer loves to set up most of the obstacles at the end of the course. The set up raise the difficulty of the race.  There were the inverted wall, river to swim, the multi-rig, The A-frame, slip wall and finally the fire jump.

The minimalist concept helps with my mobility of the fingers. It allows the glove to dry once is it wet and muddy. The wrist wrap contributes keeps glove tight on my palm, and it provides support on my wrist. However, the water and mud do decrease the grip performance. I had to shake my hand, and it will dry throughout the race very quickly. I had no problem with rope climb and the monkey bar. I tried the typical gym glove and full covered glove before, it is not working for me. I ended up threw it away.  However, the Fit Four gloves still the best and the right gloves for Spartan Race. I had to give it a 4 for recommended. Overall I am happy and satisfied with the glove performance. I ended the race with ZERO calluses on my palm.


Finishing the Spartan Beast!

Final Thought

Let us summarise, for obstacle specific training very highly recommended with the top score of 5 because I had zero downtime from ripped calluses.  I can do more reps and sets. For powerlifting, seem to be a nice to have with a score of 3, and I prefer to use chalk. For running the Spartan Race, I gave it a  score of 4 for recommended. The only reason it is not a 5 because it is also fine to run the Spartan Race without gloves. You only need to beat to obstacles once, and if you fail, you need to do 30 burpees.   This is my honest review of the SPARTAN OCR SLIT LEATHERYou got to try it for yourself.

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