3 Unforgettable Moments from 2017!

Happy New Year!! It is already 2018! How was your new year celebration? I hope all of you had a great time in your new year with your family and friends. The purpose of this post is to share my top three moments of 2017. It is good to spend some time to reflect your moments from 2017. It is the moment that you are proud of and always remember.The beauty of doing so, it will allow you to drive your forward for a better 2018. Just imagine, you have a positive energy bank. So, every time you feel down. You can withdraw your positive energy bank to replace your feeling of being down. This will allow you to strive better in the year 2018!  Let us begin.

1. I`m married to my best friend!


The Wedding Mass in Bintulu. 

Source: Claudius Weson Photography.

Her name is Patrissa. She is my best friend and the love of my life. On the 21 October, 2017 was the day we say our vow in front of God. Throughout the journey of our wedding preparation, I got to know my wife better. She is very independent, driven organized and a person who takes action. It is all the trait that I love about her and I am proud to be part of her personal growth. It was a rollercoaster ride with a spice of bitter and sweet moment. At the end, we manage to pull through together and make the wedding happen. My gratitude and appreciation to my family and friend that help us to make the wedding a success. Thank you so much!


I just love her smile. 

Source: Claudius Weson Photography.

My mom shared with us a wonderful lesson. In her speech during our wedding reception dinner, she said, “Wedding is not really a marriage of two people, but it is the marriage of two families.” It is about the understanding each other and the willingness to compromise for a greater good. I am looking forward to experience the married life with my beautiful wife. Indeed it was the most memorable moment of 2017.

Wedding of Marvin and Patrissa - Ceremony-829

She is everything to me

Source: Rajah Puteh

2. Awesome journey of MarvinInspire.

My second best moments would be starting the MarvinInspire journey.The purpose of MarvinInspire is to inspire people to embrace life obstacles. You can read more in Start Here. Frankly, I am not perfect and I am in the process of learning about life. I believe we do not need to be perfect to inspire others. I believe in letting people get inspired by how we deal with your imperfections. I was afraid to start this journey knowing that I am nobody compared to people like Eric Thomas, Gary Vee, Anthony Robbins or Les Brown. However, they share somewhat similar advice. Do not overthink and take action to find out whether you are good at it. So I made that jump! It helps me to focus on my goal to achieve a fulfilled life. It is very much on my side hustle journey which to improve the mindset and fitness journey. It covers golden knowledge from books and my fitness journey of Spartan Race and Powerlifting. Through MarvinInspire, I was given the opportunity to be The Global Spartan Race Ambassador and also the Fit Four Ambassador. 

Spartan Race Beast

Giving my all at the last obstacle of Spartan Beast.

Source: Spartan Race Malaysia

One of the main lessons I learn from this journey is about making a decision.  They are the right decision, wrong decision and no decision. The worst would be no decision because you are making a decision by not taking action. If you made the right decision, that is great! If you made the wrong decision, you made progress and you learn from it. However, it is important to be informed about consequence made. Gary Vee once said, Nonaction is the fundamental reason you will fail! Take action to be decisive because what painful than waiting is regret. Overall, awesome journey! Let us see where 2018 will lead MarvinInspire.


I managed to deliver 195kg deadlift. I was preparing for 2018 Kuching Powerlifting Meet.

3. Steep Career Growth!

This year I switched my role in the company from Process Engineer to Process Control Engineer. I look at Process Control as a hybrid of Process Engineering and PACO engineering. I was working as a process engineer for three years. Then, starting the year 2017 I need to learn about PACO engineering. PACO stands for Process Automation Control and Optimization. I took the jump to learn and develop my knowledge and experience. I made some calculative mistake and immediately I need to own them and correct it. Thank God I had a remarkable colleague and also a friend, Hazwani. She willingly to be my technical coach to teach me everything I need to know about PACO engineering. At the same time, I shared to her what I know as well. It was a good combo. Besides that, my mentor, Victor and also my team lead, Fadly. They are the most significant influence on my career growth. They provide me guidance and advice ever since I was a graduate engineer to where I am now. 

IMG_6600 (1)

Hazwani and I chilling at the Living Quarter of a platform after a long day of work. Yes, it is safe to take pictures in that area. 

Source: MarvinInspire

There was fear when I took that role. Looking back, I`m glad that I took that leap of faith. It is important that we have to keep an open mind and be humble to learn and even to teach. People are the essential asset for a career growth. Simon Sinek said, “Together is better.” Why? They are the one who can help you with the technical elements of it and also the non-technical element which includes moral support. The first step is to give value to them first without expectation in return, daily! This is to show that you genuinely care for them. Over a period, of time a relationship is built and a team is a form. Good team work together, great team trust each other. Thank you, God, for this opportunity. The company recognized our work and we receive the 2017 Upstream Impact Award. There is still a lot for me to learn and grow. I know that 2018 will be a great year!


Thank you, God for the blessing.

Source: MarvinInspire

Let’s end this post talking about life fulfilment. They are six pillars of life fulfilment. They are Faith, Family, Fitness, Financial, Friends and Freedom. Everything we do in life needs to complement the six pillars. It means utilizing the 24 hours in a day to live a fulfilled life. Once you are fulfilled, you are happy. That is the key to life. Let us have faith 2018 will be an awesome ride. 



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