#5MinutesTruth: You will lose what you don’t practice!

We have seen the great athlete like Stephen Curry who is terrific in three points scoring in the NBA arena. How can he be so great in shooting three points? He makes it look so easy on the court. It is very simple! It takes practice, practice, practice and practice. He made 77 three points shot in a row in practice before. Because of hours and hours of practice, he made the one three points score in the game too easy. 


Talents by Les Brown

Taken from the book written by Les Brown


What do you think happen when he stops playing basketball for months or even a year? I assure you, his talents and skill will drop. He may make scoring three points terrible. Here is the punchline, You will lose what you don`t practice! 

Whatever talents you have, you must use it every single day to turn it into skill. If you want to be a writer, start writing. If you want to be an engineer, start working to be one. If you want to be great in the running, start running. You have to look at it as you are pushing a heavy ball up a hill. Once, you stop it the ball will push you down.  You need to work pushing the ball until the end. This is how growth is. 

Have the courage to embrace your talents and be proud of owning the talents you have.  Remember to guard them as well.  Your talents are life`s gift to you. Keep an eye on anyone in the world who tried to belittle you. They are actually nobody. No one will remember their name.  They are two main reasons why they belittle you. One, they are jealous of you. They want what you have, but they do not have the courage to shine their talents. Two, they just want other people to fail because they fail in it. Never ever let failure stop you from shining your talents. All it takes is work!

Learn to ignore them and continue to practice your talents. Have courage and be proud of your talents as it is your God-given gift. With the right work and time, your gifts will bring you an unstoppable opportunity. That is where the happiness is.  




One thought on “#5MinutesTruth: You will lose what you don’t practice!

  1. Agree with this. And to master a skill, it takes practice practice practice! Want to be good in squat? Well, you gotta squat 10,000 reps to master it.

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