How does Spartan Race fortify your mindset for greatness? #SpartanUp

When you heard the word Spartans, you may remember the movie titled The 300. The 300 Spartans that fought against the massive army of Persian to protect their homeland, Sparta. Now we have the Spartan RaceIt is one of the fastest growing sport and obstacle race that begins in the US and now it is all over the world. I am so glad they have it in Malaysia too. 

Spartan Race Wall.jpg
Spartan Race participants showing Camaraderie 

I love running the Spartan Race it is a way for me to fortify my mindset to achieve my life goal despite whatever obstacles come my way. I believe it will help you to overcome life challenges because running the Spartan Race can program and train your mind that every obstacle can be overcome. 

Mindset is your most powerful weapon.

You master your mindset, you master your life.

How does Spartan Race fortify your mindset for greatness? 

spartan-race-beast.jpgThe final obstacles the Spartan Race!

1. It is not how you start, it is how your finish.

Always begins things with the end in mind. In others word, always have the end goal in mind which will help you to focus daily to makes things possible in life. Everybody has a different start point in life, some have a good start and some have a bad start. Unfortunately, for you were not given a choice on the day you were born into this world. However, fortunately, you can determine how you finish in your life. It is all within your control. Be courage to take control of your life. Everybody has a story and has a purpose in Spartan Race. Running the Spartan Race helps to remind us in whatever you do you must cross the finish line despite whatever obstacles hit you in the face. The finish line is what really matters in life. The best part is that you are in control and take control. 

Spartan Girl.jpg

2. Obstacles determine how hungry you are.

Life obstacles are there not to stop you from achieving your goal. The obstacles are there to determine how hungry you are to achieve your goal. Obstacles are there to make your goal worth pursuing because it is there to test you. Remember this, if it was easy everyone will do it. Always remember, there is always a solution to every life obstacle you meet. You just need to find a way to make the impossible possible. The Spartan Race is the exact analogy of life. Your goal is the finish line and the race is your life journey. The obstacles in between race are there to strengthen your body and mind. That is how you will achieve greatness and make it worth it. 


3. Diamonds are formed under pressure.

Do you know how diamonds are formed? Diamonds are formed under high pressure, intense heat and being cut by another diamond. Once, a diamond is complete. It is beautiful, priceless and unbreakable. Now, for you to be a diamond you need to face the only one thing. It is known as adversity. The more adversity you survive, your more you will become unbreakable. You can look pressure as your obstacles in life. The heat is the toxic people that may surround you. They could be the ones who pull you down due to jealousy and because they themselves did not do the work to achieve their goal. So they make sure the others do not achieve their goal. Ignore them and work on your goal. Being cut by another diamond are the people that will teach, mentor, and coach you for your growth. They are the who genuinely and brutally honest with you for the sake of your growth. 

Spartan Race will put you under pressure through your body. Once it tests the body, it will test the mind. Once it tests the mind, it will test the will. Once it tests the will, it will test the soul. Once you cross the finish line, you will have the belief that impossible is nothing! That is the moment, a diamond in form within your soul. Be a diamond and unbreakable. 

I am looking forward to running The Spartan Race again. It is a good investment for my health and most importantly for the mind. Once, you master your mind. You will master your life.  Click on the banner below and sign up for Spartan Race!








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