#5MinutesTruth: Negativity will limit your growth.

My 5 minutes truth, negativity will limit your growth. They are two sources of negativity in our life. One of them, externally and the other one is internal. It is your little inner voice. It is fundamentally your mindset. Always remember this, once you master your mindset, you will master your life. Once you master your life, external negativity will be nothing to you. 

Spartan Girl

The inner negativity is your self-defeating thoughts, and the cannot do the behaviour. They are the things that will limit you from making progress. They will first see the problem for every solution which will lead to fear to take action.  Inaction will lead to indecisiveness. Indecisiveness will stunt your growth.  If you`re not growing, you are experiencing a slow death.

So how can we beat this obstacle of negativity? It begins in mind. The first thing to do is to suffocate the negative thought in your mind by feed in the positivity. You can read books that promote positivity like self-help books. You can watch a video and listen to a podcast that promotes positivity. You can invest time with people who can push you to be the best version of yourself. They can be your mentor and your coach.

You can also work on your body as well by going to a workout. You do lifting and even go for a run. You can even run the Spartan Race, Marathons, Powerlifting or any events that will help to enhance your body performance. It is an excellent way to build your body and reinforce your mind. Always remember, take action, be consistent and be disciplined. What you feed your mind will determine what your future may be. 


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