How did I become the Modern Vision Ambassador? #3EasySteps

Modern Vision is a Malaysian local brand sports apparel. Modern Vision`s vision is to empower oneself by understanding and breaking boundaries between fitness cultures. They are people who love bodybuilding, powerlifting, callisthenics, running, CrossFit and the list go on. They are all on the same platform of fitness despite the significant difference in terms of athletic skills. I think it is incredible to have a brand that connects different athlete with great depth. Especially, the local brand that is lead by a team young and driven entrepreneur, Ray, Brandon, Haikal and Kennedy.


The Black Impact Line by Modern Vision

I have been supporting them for about one year by creating content through my Instagram and my Facebook page. I was given the opportunity to be the Modern Vision Ambassador.

Modern Vision Ambassador.PNG

E-mail from Modern Vision 

Here comes the big question!

How did I become the Modern Vision Ambassador?

1. Be part of MV Fam community.

The first step is to find your fitness niche. I love Spartan Race and Powerlifting.  My fundamental is building the strength of a powerlifter and the endurance of Spartan Elite. Once I found that I invested in Modern Vision by buying their awesome products. That is when my journey with Modern Vision begin. They have great athletic clothing for ladies and gentleman. Their product is also affordable! The Navy Blue Impact Line just cost only RM69.00  and that is $17.00 for one quality shirt. It is worth every bit of my money. It has been my favourite workout shirt ever since. 



The Navy Blue Impact Line


Please check their website for a more awesome product on Modern Vision. I can help you to get 10% discount for every product that you purchase by using my discount code below.


2. Create awesome content in the right context.

Once you got their great product, use it during your workout, training and even during any competition. Then, take a picture and even video of you and post in on Instagram and Facebook. Modern Vision is very active on Instagram and then followed by Facebook. You have to give give give and give quality content in the right context. Let`s break it down; 

Write good, positive, story that adds value to your audience. What I usually do is focus on fitness information, positive mindset and lesson learned from my life. The content must help your audience. It can be in a form of information and entertainment. Use their hashtag, #MVfam, #ModernVision and #DareToTry on your pictures and Instagram stories. Tag Modern Vision on your picture. Promote engagement by commenting on the MVfam IG accounts and respond to their comments.  

I was using the Black Impact Line during my Spartan Race Beast in Johor. The shirt survives the harsh environment of Spartan Race. It survived the cold waters, rocky terrain, and I literally crawled on the ground this shirt. Zero-tear buddy. It dries very quickly after I swam into the river which was one of the obstacles. This just proved the quality of the shirt is tip top!  I also use it for my powerlifting and running. 

Of course, it looks good. If it looks good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. If you do good, you perform great. Modern Vision is the right apparel for you! 

Spartan Race Beast
The Black Impact Line survive the Spartan Race Beast


3. I asked. 

This just proves the theory or I should say facts given by Gary Vee. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, in other words. Give give give then ask. I asked one of the Modern Vision co-founders if there is an opportunity for an Ambassadorship. His answer was YES! Then, I received an e-mail from Brandon with the attached Modern Vision Ambassadorship Proposal. 


Seem easy right? Keep in mind, before you ask you must keep giving and support first. It took one year for me, to get their attention. Overall, you need to put in the work. Be part of the Modern Vision community, invest in their product. Trust me, their product is as good as other well-known brands out there. Create great content in the right context. Be authentic! Then, you can try asking. Do not be disappointed if you were rejected. Being rejected gives you the opportunity to ask why and what can I do to improve. Again, do the work by give, give, give. This will give you the right to ask. If they approach you, it is even better. Whatever, it is it takes work to get noticed.  

What will I get from the Ambassadorship?

I will receive a full range of the current collection of apparel by Modern Vision and all new products that will be launched in the future so long you are considered an ambassador. I will receive photoshoots however it is based on the availability of both Ambassador and the MV Team. I will be assigned a 10% discount code for the entire Modern Vision store for your followers. My discount code is;


Yes, I also received a 5% commission if you use my discount code above. However, you will get 10% discount of from your purchase. Seem like a good deal. 

I hope this blog post add value to you and get one Modern Vision for yourselves. I believe is it somewhat applicable to be an ambassador for other brands as well. The key is to give give give give and give. Finally, you can ask. Please follow me at @marvininspire! Please follow Modern Vision too! Feel free to share this post with your friends and family.


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