10 Commandments of Spartan Race

Spartan Race is an obstacles race. The Spartan Race is not soft. The Spartan Race is for the gritty. The Spartan Race is for the strong-willed. The Spartan Race is for everyone! I have been running the Spartan Race for six times already. I completed the Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, and the Spartan Beast. For me, the Spartan Race is a great platform to train your body which has a direct correlation to the mind. Spartan Race will sharpen your mind that any obstacle can be overcome. A stronger body, a stronger mind. All you need to do is just do!

Spartan Race

I am going to share with you my 10 commandments of running the Spartan Race. Let’s go! Aroo!!

1. You shall stretch and warm-up before the Spartan Race start.

Stretching and warming up is a must to prime your body to start the race strong. It is a  responsibility for every Spartans to do so. Please come early. It shows that you are committed to it. Let’s say 1 hour before your race time. This should give you ample time to warm up and stretch. This allows your body to be in top condition to start strong.

2. You shall focus on the finish line at the starting line.

Once you are at the starting line, you should stay focus on the on the finish line. How do I do it? My self-talk matra is “Finish Strong”. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the finish line of the Spartan Race. Remind yourself, why you are racing the Spartan Race. Stay focus!


The mud crawl

3. You shall obey the Spartan Race rule!

Spartan Race has rules to follow. It is about fair play. Please respect the rules. The Spartan Race organisers had work hard to set up and organize the race for all the Spartans. One of Spartan Race rules are if you fail an obstacle, you need to do 30 burpees. Please do 30 proper burpees. Please do not throw the stones during the Bucket Brigade. Please do not take the shortcut during the race. I know some racers took the short-cut. Bad idea! The organizers may not be able to catch you, but if you got the medal at the finish line, I’d tell you now that you do not earn the medal.

4. You shall do your burpees properly.

Once you fail and obstacles, you need to do 30 burpees. Please do a full burpee and not a half lazy burpee. Yes, you are tired and exhausted. That is what it takes to be a Spartan. How to do a proper burpee you say? Please take a look here, THERE IS NO FAILURE, THERE IS ONLY BURPEE!! Please do your burpee right.

5. You shall not complain.

Spartan does not complain during the race. A complaint will breed negativity in your mind. The moment, you start to say “I can`t”. You had just planted the seed of negativity in your mind. Don’t ever do that. Whatever it takes, just move on. Spartan Race is to put you under a hard time. Just like the carbon is being put under pressure and a diamond is formed under that pressure. Remember, zero complaining and just finish the race strong.

6. You shall never surrender to obstacles.

When you saw an obstacle, never fall back. I know that you may be exhausted and say you can`t do it anymore. Please refer to Commandment 5 again.  Whatever it takes, just try to complete the obstacles first. Spartans do not surrender. You will be surprised with your capability on completing the obstacles. Even if you fail, just do your burpees and move on.

Spartan Race Strong.jpg

The Rope Traverse 

7. You shall never stop until the finish line.

Once you are in the Spartan Race, you are actually on the battlefield! You shall not stop until the battle is over. It means you are done only after you cross the finish line. You can run, you can walk, and you can even crawl. I have seen Spartan got injured during the race. Well, he sprains his ankle. He picked up a stick and walk until he crosses the finish line. That was during the Spartan Beast of 21km with 30+ obstacles. Whatever happened to you in the Spartan Race, never stop until you cross the finish line. Unless your injury is so bad that you cannot move. Nevertheless, never stop. 

8. You shall help other Spartans.

Spartan Race is for everyone! You do not need to be a professional or Olympic athlete to join the Spartan Race. You may be the strongest and the fastest Spartans. One of the values that Spartan holds is Camaraderie. It is on the Trifecta Medal too! Camaraderie means mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  That is what is Spartans all about. If you see a Spartan in need, help them. If they have a problem climbing the Slip Wall, give them a hand. If they have a hard time, climbing the Vertical wall, give them a boast. Helping others is also helping yourself. It plants the seed of positivity. 

9. You shall motivate others Spartans to push their limit.

Throughout the journey of the Spartan Race, you will see Spartans struggling due to exhaustion. A good encouragement would be great for them to push themselves until the finish line. It very easy! You can say something like, “You can do it”. “Don’t give up” and “Keep going”. Any positive words that can motivate your fellow Spartans to push themselves up to their limit. Spread the positivity.

10. You shall finish the race with epic fire jump.

Once you are close to the finish line, be ready to make the most epic fire jump ever! The fire jump picture is the best moment to be captured and to be remembered! Aroo!


The Fire Jump

So that is all! My 10 commandments running the Spartan Race. Please let me know what do you think? If you like it, please share it with your fellow Spartans and your friends too! Aroo!!


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