3 Great Experiences from the Spartan Race Sprint, Malaysia #NewObstacle

16 April 2018 was my first Spartan Race of the Year 2018. It was held in Semenyih, Selangor. It was about 10km runs and 25 obstacles. I failed two obstacles. The famous spear throw also known as the burpee maker and the Monkey Bar 2.0. That is a total of 60 burpees. I finish with the duration of 1hr 52 mins. 


I joined the competitive age group, and I managed to earn the 9th place. The race was challenging and tough for a sprint. The organizer said it would be a 7 km run, but it ended up about 10km. It consists of the tropical jungle with hills, muds and river. The toughest one was the bucket carry, it was with spiral hills and back down. This time they cover the bucket too. Good! That is how it should be. I would like to share with you the three great experience from the Spartan Race Sprint organized by Spartan Race Malaysia. I love it, and I hope you love it too.

1. The first new obstacle to Spartan Race !

The Spartan Race has introduced a new obstacle. It is first put to the test here in Malaysia. I guess it is known as The Monkey Bar 2.0. This time the Spartan Race organizer fixed a spinner between the monkey bar. If you are alone on the spinner section, it is fine. But, if you are with other Spartan, you need to coordinate the momentum. Check out the video below and let @colleenspartanmma the Malaysian Top Female Elite shows how it is done. 

Well done Colleen!

Unfortunately, I failed this obstacle, and I need to do 30 burpees. I am looking forward to the next Spartan Race and I hope they will keep this obstacle. I will conquer this obstacle for sure. To fellow Spartans out there! Be ready! 


2. Connecting with Spartan Racer community.

After the race, I managed to meet other Spartans that we have been connecting through IG. We followed each other journey through the social media. We learn and connect with how we prepare for Spartan Race. They are different people from different life and country. I manage to meet @andreventure from Indonesia. He is a Crossfitter, Spartan Racer and Manager of @CrossfitGaruda. He is an inspiration, doing what he loves all the way. I also met @_zz_z_. A father who still runs the Spartan Race even at his golden age. He even trains offshore to get stronger. It’s great meeting you and thanks for your advice on beating the multi-rig obstacle.


A Crossfitter and a Spartan, @andreventure



The fellow Spartan from Brunei.

This is the beauty of Spartan Race community. They are more Spartans out there with different story and life. But, they come to Spartan Race with one common purpose which is to push yourself to be a better version of yourself by conquering one obstacle at a time. I hope to connect with more Spartan Racer in the near future.

3. Sarawak Obstacle Course Racer Community.

@yantiibrhm, The Co-Founder at Knight Performance Training Centre contacted me about the idea of building a community of OCR for Sarawakian. I am happy to be part of it, and I just say yes! Why not right? After the race, we took pictures together and shared our thoughts about the race. This is indeed a good start for the Sarawakian OCR community.  Let us see how does it grow. I can see potential in this community.



Besides that, I am happy that one of my friends, @filipituah joined the Spartan Race for the first time. He did very well for a first timer, I believe it is a good experience for him. Guess what, he also signed up for the next Spartan Super.

Overall, I enjoyed the race. I am happy with the outcome of the Spartan Race! I am looking forward to the next Spartan Race! Aroo! I hope you enjoy reading my blog post. Please share your best moment during your Spartan Race. I would love to know about it. 


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