3 Toughest Obstacles from the Spartan Race Sprint, Malaysia. #NewObstacles

The Spartan Race Sprint was held in Semenyih, Selangor. It was about 10km runs and 25 obstacles to conquer. This time, I tried to compete in the age group of age 25 to 29. My goal was to be in the top 10.  I finished 9th place within my age group.  I finish with the duration of 1hr 52 mins. I`m happy with the outcome. There are lots of hills, water obstacles, and trail run through the deep jungle.

I failed two obstacles. The famous Spear Throw also known as the burpee maker and the Monkey Bar 2.0. The Monkey Bar 2.0 is the newly introduced obstacles to Spartan Race. It is first used in Spartan Race Sprint Malaysia. Now that is a total of 60 burpees. I will train harder for the next Spartan Race.


Now I am going to share with you the top three toughest obstacles from the Spartan Race Sprint, Semenyih.

1. The Spear Throw

Once again, the spear throw.  I failed the spear throw and I need to do 30 burpees. That time I felt confident. Once I release the spear, it overshot the target. I put too much energy when I throw it. Out of 7 races that joined, I manage to make it right three out of seven. Note to self. It is all about practice, practice. practice and practice. There is always room for improvement. How to throw the spear? Let the Spartan Pro Team show you it is done on this link, Spartan Spear Throw.

2. The Monkey Bar 2.0 #NewObstacles

The second toughest obstacle for me was The Monkey Bar 2.0. This is a newly introduced Spartan Race obstacle. It was the first release in Spartan Race Sprint, Malaysia.  I did come earlier by one day before the race. I had the luxury to try the obstacle before the race begins. I made it and hit the bell. However, during the Spartan Race, I failed and I had to do 30 burpees again. I guess it was the hills and the wet muddy obstacle adds in fatigue on me. However, that is not a good excuse for failing the obstacles. I will train harder for the next race. I am looking forward to conquering The Monkey Bar 2.0.

How does The Monkey Bar 2.0 look like? Spartan Race organizer put rotating bars between the monkey bar. The diameter of the bar seems to be thicker too. It will test your grip strength. Check out the video below. Collen the Malaysian Top Spartan Elite make it look easy!


The Monkey Bar 2.0

3. The Multi Rig

Third toughest obstacles for me was the Multi-Rig. They were two water obstacles right before the Multi-Rig. There were the River Run and the Swim. My hand was soaking wet. I had to dry my hand by rubbing on the grass and the soil. I gave The Multi Rig ago and taking my time and be in control of my momentum. Just to let you know, my body weight is 90kg. It is a challenge for me to hand my body for a long period of time. Yes! I managed to hit the bell at the end! The SPARTAN SLIT FIT FOUR GLOVES really help to improve my grip strength. Check out how I manage to conquer The Multi Rig in the video below. 

Conquering the Multi Rig

Let us summarised, the three toughest obstacles are the Spear Throw, The Monkey Bar 2.0 and the Multi Rig. I failed two out of three obstacles. The Spear Throw is all about technique.  The Monkey Bar 2.0 and Multi Rig are all about upper body strength and technique.  Let us work harder to conquer The Spartan Race Obstacles. 

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