5 right things you need to prepare for a Powerlifting Meet.

On the 29 September 2018 was the day I competed in my first International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) sanctions Powerlifting Meet 2018 organised by Malaysian Association for Powerlifting Honestly, I was nervous as it is my first sanctions Powerlifting Meet. They were many strong people competing. I came in the competition with a personal goal which is to break the 500kg total celling. My previous total was 475kg. During the weigh-in, I started with the weight of 90.85kg which qualify me to compete in the Under 93kg Open category.



Game Face on!! 

I finished the Meet with the total of 505kg and that is 30kg increase with a Wilks Points of 320.877. For the squat, I squatted 170kg and it was an additional 10kg personal best. I bench pressed 115kg and it was an additional 5kg personal best. I did the deadlift weighing 220kg and it was an additional 15kg personal best. Overall, I am very happy with the performance because achieve my desired goal. Looking back, there are things that I did right which I should continue. There is a lesson learned that I need to remember and I need to avoid in my next meet.  Now, I am going to share with you the 5 things that I did right for the IPF Powerlifting Meet. I hope it can add value to you to prepare you for the powerlifting meet.  Keep on reading…

1. Set your own personal goal.

This is the most important component of your powerlifting meet.  You need set to set your own personal goal. It helps you to focus on your path and drive you forward with a cause. My goal was to break the 500kg total ceiling and I managed to lift a total of 505kg. You can start with a simple question, what is your powerlifting meet goal? Do you want a higher total? A higher Wilk number? Set a number on your goal. Make it clear and stay focus on it. Once again, what is your powerlifting meet goal?


Squatting under 170kg (10kg PB)

2. Prepare your essential item before the Meet Day.

Please prepare all your essential item, one day before the Meet. From IPF approved belt, deadlift socks, suits, shoe and the list goes on. The last thing you want is your missing gear on the Meet itself. It is going to be a total turn off. Feel free to use my Powerlifting checklist, just click on the link to download; Powerlifting Meet Check List. 

3. Plan each of your attempts.

This is going to be your game plan during your meet day. I would suggest you discuss each attempt with your coach and even seek advice from your fellow powerlifter that is willing to help. This discussion needs to be done before the meet day. Trust me, during the meet day, you do not have time to think but just do. Write it on a paper or on an excel spreadsheet. For me, I did it on a spreadsheet. You can use my spreadsheet to help you to manage your attempts selection. Feel free to download and share it as well. Just click on this link; Powerlifting Attempts Selection Spreadsheet.

Powerlifting Attempts Selection.PNG

You may ask, how do you select your attempt? I have to say it depends! First things first, getting “Good Lift” for your opener is very crucial. It is crucial because it gives you confidence for your next lift and the most important thing is avoiding “bombing out” from the Meet. From you opener, you need to gauge how you feel whether it is easy or hard. From there you can choose your next lifts for your second attempt. For attempt two, you can go for 100% of your Max and it is the lift you ever did in the gym. Probably, it is an RPE 9. For attempt 3, you can select a lift that you never have done before depending on you feel. Once again, plan your attempt right before your Meet. 


Bench Pressing under 115kg (5kg PB)

4. Focus only on your lifts and stick to the plan.

This is a follow up of the previous lifts. Once you planned your attempts, stick to the plan and only focus on your lifts. You do not have time to worry about others lifter. If other lifters set their opener at 300kg and even if your opener is 150kg, lifters do not matter now. Let them be and give it all you have on that day. The last thing you need to avoid is bombing out. 

5. Check the time of your flight. 

Always keep yourself updated on the news from the organizer. You need to know the time of your lift off and weigh-in. This is very important to manage your warm-up and stretches. You must not warm up too late and too early. The key stretches and muscle release with foam roll and Lacrosse Ball can be done earlier to loosen up tight joints.  The muscle activation routine and warm-up lifts should be done 30 to 45 minutes before your lift off on the platform.

If you are doing weight loss to meet the weight category, please please refeed your body immediately right after the weigh-in. You need all the energy you got! Timing is everything to optimize your body so that it will give a maximum on the platform. 


Deadlifting 220kg(15kg PB)

I hope the five things will help you to prepare for your next powerlifting Meet! If you like this post, please give it a like and share it! Have a great day ahead! 


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