3 Lessons from my first IPF Sanctions Powerlifting Meet.

On the 29 September 2018 was the day I competed in my first International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sanctions Powerlifting Meet organised by Malaysian Association for Powerlifting. I finished the Powerlifting Meet with the total of 505kg and that is 30kg increase with a Wilks Points of 320.88. I squatted 170kg and it was an additional 10kg personal best. I bench pressed 115kg and it was an additional 5kg personal best. I did the deadlift weighing 220kg and it was an additional 15kg personal best. Overall, I am very happy with the performance because achieve my desired goal.


I shared about the 5 right things that I did to prepare for a Powerlifting Meet. There are the right things I did for the Powerlifting Meet. I also include a link to download my essential item for Powerlifting checklist and Powerlifting Attempts Spreadsheet to help you to manage your attempt during the meet. Please check them out. I am sure you`re going to love it. 

I experienced setbacks throughout the Meet. If I was to do the Meet again. These are the things I am going to change and will do differently. Here are the three mains lesson. I hope it adds value to you! 

1. You need a handler.

Powerlifting may look like a solo sport. There is an unsung hero in the sport who works behind the scene. They are known as the Handler. They are the Powerlifter`s Saving Grace. During the Meet, I had to handle myself and work together with other lifters and handlers. I thank God that everyone there was very helpful although they are all competitor.  We share the warm-up weights and platform. However, it would be best to have a handler to manage your well being and help you to warm up.

What can you do differently? 

Having a handler is a must. It is very beneficial. In my next coming meet, I need to get myself a handler to help me. They indeed play an important role in a successful powerlifter. They are the one who helps you to warm up. They help you to set up your warm-up platform. They are there to care for your well-being from giving you water and food. At times, the handler is the one who can help you to pick your attempts. All you need to do as a powerlifter is to lift.


2. You need to strategize your attempt wisely.

I made a wrong call for the bench press attempt. My opener was 115kg bench press. I was struggling to choose between 120kg and 125kg for my second attempt. I was too ambitious and select 125kg. The reason I choose 125kg because I believe I can make the lift as I just hit my 170kg PB. Furthermore, I made this lift in the gym quite a number of time. But, during the meet I was wrong. I am unable to bench press the 125kg. I failed in the third attempt as well. I believe the game plan in the gym and in the meet are totally different. Looking back, I realised I bench press 125kg in the gym fresh. It means it was without squat before that. It means my energy was drained from the squat. That was a huge difference!

What can you do differently? 

You should strategize your attempt wisely and judge your opener well. Your personal best in the gym could be higher than the Meet. Remember that the training and meet are two different battlefields. A good handler will help you to make the decision. The outcome could be different if I was to choose 120kg for my second attempt. Your personal best in the gym could be higher than the Meet. The bottom line is the ability to recognize how you feel in your every lift.


3. You shall not cut water weight.

I signed up for the U93 category. 4 days before the Meet I was weighing 94kg. Weighing in above 93kg is not a good idea. Basically, you are disqualified. So I had to do water loading, then cut down water and decrease my food intake drastically. I weigh-in 90.85kg. I was happy I made the weight, but I do not feel I am at my top form. I immediately refeed and hydrate myself right after the weighing in. It does take a heavy toll of my body after every lift. 

What can you do differently? 

Do not cut weight! You should maintain comfortably below 93kg all the time. Let’s say a range of 88kg up to 90 kg would be best. You need to include conditioning work and watch your diet to maintain the weight. So you do not need to cut weight before the Meet and eat as usual to be at your top form. 

Let’s summarize, you really need a handler! They are the Powerlifter Saving Grace. You shall strategized your attempt wisely. Remember, that the performance in the gym is different to the performance in the Meet. Finally, you shall not cut water weight. You should manage your weight well. Your weight must comfortably below the weight class. If you`re competing in the upcoming Meet! All the best and have fun! 



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