3 Benefits of Barbell Complex HIIT

What is the Barbell Complex?

There are very similar to circuit workout. But it is done with barbell exercise. It is the workout that combines 4 to 6 exercises back-to-back for 5 to 10 reps without taking rest in between the exercises. Of course, this is depending on your fitness level. You will not leave the barbell from your hand until all the exercises are done.  You rest for 1-3 minutes and do them again for a number of sets. Hence, the name Barbell Complex!


What are the benefits of the Barbell Complex?

Effective Fat loss workout

Barbell complex is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT). Yes, it is a form of cardio. It will work your heart pretty hard until it is out of breath. Keep your rest period short to increase the difficulty of your complexes. It will shed your body fat effectively over a period of time.

Enhance Muscle Endurance

Barbell Complex requires you to perform multiple repetitions of exercises. The repetition is usually at a range of 5 to 10 at a fast pace for each different barbell exercise. And you do not stop after the repetition, but switching to the next barbell exercise. For example;

Back Squat (5-10reps)

Overhead Press (5-10reps)

Bendover Row (5-10reps)

 Deadlift (5-10reps)

It will definitely work on your cardiovascular fitness, hitting every muscle group in your body. One thing for sure, once you reached the last exercise. You going to be out of breath and lose your grip on the barbell.

Improve functional movements

After one barbell exercise, you need to switch to another exercise. That is what barbell complex all about. The switching component of the workout improves your functional movement. It improves your body self-awareness of switching from different barbell exercise to another.

Let’s begin! 

Before you start your barbell complex, make sure your fundamental barbell exercise is strong! Your squat must be good. Your deadlift must be good. All your barbell exercise must be in the right form. Pick the weight is doable for you. I am using the total weight of 40kg only. How do you measure performance? It is very simple. Let’s say you are able to do 5 reps with 3 sets of complexes as your baseline. After you train a few weeks, you feel 5 reps seem to be easier. What you can do is to increase the reps or even increase the sets with the same weight. You may consider adding more barbell exercise to increase the difficulty or even increase the weight if you feel you got stronger! The most important thing do not get yourself injured. 

Here are my 3 Barbell Complex Sample that you can use! Have fun!!

Barbell Complex


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