5 Key Learnings in the Year 2018

It is the season of the new year for the year 2019. Every single year, I learn about myself more and more because of what life had offered me. It was indeed a blessing with all the achievements and learnings I gained throughout the year 2018. I have shared my learning before for the year 2016 and  2017. Feel free to have a read and share it with your friend and family.

2018 Learning!

Now, I am going to share my top 5 key learnings in the year 2018;

Learning 1: There is no more you and I, but there is “us”.

The year 2018 is the mark of 1st wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife, Patrissa. One thing I learn in married life, there is no more you and I. There is only us. How did we do it? We overly communicate our happiness and also our sadness to each other. It can be something tiny to something huge because it will build trust for each other.

For example, I need to let her know about the time I am going to the gym and the time when I come back. She also needs to let me know what she likes to cook so that I can buy groceries for us. Communication is the foundation of marriage. The “us” does not stop there. The “us” also involved our extended family. What does it mean is I am even married to her family, and she is also married to my family. If I have problems with my family, she needs to be involved. If she has issues with her family, I need to be involved.

Family First and I love my wife

My wife and I

There is no more you and I, but there is “us”. You need to communicate to build trust for each other overly. This learning is very applicable when you are working in a team to develop your business, in a company and of course in your family. Please be very self-aware of the condition. The content is right, but it always depends on the context of the situation.

Learning 2: You are in control of your happiness.

Happiness is a decision because it is pointless letting things that you cannot control determine your happiness. I have decided that three core foundations determine that my happiness. Number one is Faith. I am free to practice faith by serving the church. I serve the church by giving my time as a Mass Lector. Number two is my Family, especially beautiful my wife. She is the pillar of my life that makes everything better in my life like turning a house into a sweet home. Not forgetting my mom that has been taking care of us, six siblings. I do not know how she did it. But she did it anyway! She deserves the titled Wonder Mom! Number three is living my Passion for fitness. I competed in the IPF sanction Powerlifting Meet, and receive the Gold Award as a Certified Fitness Instructor. To sum it up, the one that determines my happiness are Faith, Family and Passion.

Powerlifting Meet 2018

Powerlifting Meet 2018

Career was one of thing that dictates my happiness before. Now, I am not letting my job affect my happiness. Why? The position that  I am in is just a seat in an organisation and the person seating on it is replaceable. It means I am replaceable.  I had a bad experience before in the year 2015 when the oil price crashed. The company need to re-structure, and a large number of people were laid off.  And because of that experience, I decided that career will not dictate my happiness. But, it does not mean I am going to well at work. I will give my all and deliver within the required 8 hours.

After the working hours, I am committed to Faith, Family and Passion which gives me happiness. Let me share you another secret; the one is going there with you when you are dead are your faith, family and your passion. The question I am going to challenge you, “What are you doing now to make it alive?”

Learning 3: Invest in your passion.

Your passion is the key differentiator between you and other people. It is who and what you are. Your passion is the one thing that will dictate your happiness. I have a passion for fitness and a dream to be an athlete one day. I will and must get there! I invested my most of my time in the gym lifting heavy and learning about health and fitness. Furthermore, I competed in the IPF Powerlifting Meet and earned the total of 505kg. It was an increase of 30kg, and I am looking forward to the next powerlifting meet in the year 2019.

Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI) Gold Award

Certified Fitness Instructor(CFI) Gold Award

Besides that, I invested in a course to be a Certified Fitness Instructor organized by Fitness Innovations Malaysia (FITM). I was excited in every class and kept asking questions with the intention to learn and grow. I took the exam, and I passed with the Gold Award. Gold Awards means I scored more than 85% with one attempt. I enjoyed the course because that is the moment I realised fitness is my passion. Right now, I am coaching a client to help him to achieve his fitness goal to move better and lift stronger. Next, I am working to earn my American Council of Exercise Personal Trainer certification. I hope to help more people to achieve their fitness goal.

You need to find something that is your passion and invest all in whether it is time and money. Health and fitness was a terrifying concept to me because I was fat and unhealthy when I was younger until I believe it is possible to be healthy and fit. If what you love doesn’t seem realistic to your life goals, think again. Let me ask you the question, “What is your passion?”. If you do not know, keep trying until you found that one thing that excites you!

Learning 4: Always be a student and never a master.

Conrad Hall, an American cinematographer, quoted “You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” I have been learning to on my own for about five years, and I realised the more you know, the more you do not know what you know. I spent three days of learning in the Certified Fitness Instructor course. 

The key take away was the right way to warm-up, and it includes the Self-Myofascial Release (SMR), Dynamic Warm-Up, and Activation Drill. The best one is the activation drill because I learnt the method to build the mind to muscle connection, especially during the exercise. After I passed the certification, I am hungrier to learn more. Of course, the essential component of it is the skill to apply the knowledge in my training and to my client.

Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI) with FITM

Fit Fam of Certified Fitness Instructor(CFI)

No matter what certification and even experience you had there is always something new to learn. Knowledge is infinite; hence, you matter how much you know that is still more things to learn. Be humble, and do not be afraid to ask questions with the right intention to learn.

Learning 5: Sharpen your saw daily.

Sharpen your saw comes from Dr Stephen Covey`s book titled, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I tried to shapen my saw daily, and it works! Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln stated, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” It covers Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Social/Emotional.

Honestly, it is hard to shapen my saw daily because of my fulfilled life schedule. I have 8 hours day job ( +/- 1 to 2 hours) as an engineer, intense training routine as a powerlifter ( 2 to 3 hours), working on MARViNSPIRE blog (1 hour), sleeps (6 to 8 hours) and spending time with my beautiful wife( 24 hours). However, I am committed to finding ways to shapen the saw daily because it is the only way to work smarter. Dr Stephen said; “We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw.”

I spent 10 to 15 minutes every day reading books which include health and fitness, personal development, finance, and business. Thank God for the PodCast because I can listen to the excellent content. I love listening to Squat University, Rich Dad Radio Show, Side Hustle School and The GaryVee Audio Experience while driving to work, gym or anywhere.

Find a better purpose in Life

Find a better purpose in life! Life is short!

Sharpening your saw helps you to stay sane and focus on your life goal despite all the life obstacle comes and hit you. Moreover, it helps you to realise there is more to life than a day job and working for money. It increases your expertise which leads you to increase the influence you can have on the world outside of yourself. Besides, it helps you to focus on what makes you happy in life. My advice to you is to invest some time to sharpen your saw. It will help you to achieve your life goal and give you happiness.

I am so grateful for everything that I learned this year. The year 2018 has challenged and pushed me to grow. It is going to be an awesome 2019!

What did you learn this year? Feel free to comment below!


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