3 Key Learnings from Fitness Certification Program.

I completed my first fitness certification which is the Certified Fitness Instructor(CFI) course by FITM. And, I am grateful that I received the Gold Award. Just because a person achieved certification, the learning never stops. Always a student, never a master. Mastery is a journey, and it is not a destination. Looking beyond that, I am grateful to meet people that have the same passion for fitness. Beseides that, I really enjoy the teaching given by the educator and I hope to use the skills to help other people to achieve their health and fitness goal.

I receive my Gold Award Fitness Instructor Course
I`m taking my first step into the Fitness Industry

Right now, I would like to share three key points that I learnt from the Certified Fitness Instructor course. I am confident these learnings will add value to you.

1. Human Anatomy has 5 Basic Movements

We learnt that our human anatomy has five basic movements. There consists of the Bend and Lift, Push, Pull, Single Leg and Rotation. The example of bend and lift exercises are squat and deadlift. Next, the push exercise includes bench press, push up, shoulder barbell press, etc. Then, we have the pull which includes the pull-up, chin up, lat pulls down, barbell row, etc. After that, we have the single leg movement which provides for lunges, pistol squat, etc. Finally, the rotation which includes exercises like cable twist, Russian core twist, wood-chop, etc.

These movements are the basic movement that you will do in your daily activites. You may need to carry a box from the floor which is a bend and lift movement. Then, going up on a stair is a single leg movement. Also, pulling out a drawer is a pulling movement. Therefore, you must be able to perform this movement well with the right form to deliver effective exercise.

2. A.C.T Training Model 

We learnt the A.C.T workout model. The A is Align, C is control and T is for Train. The A.C.T training model is the core of every workout program. The objective of the Align is to enhance the stability, mobility and neural drive from mind to muscle. The resultant of the alignment component is a good control movement of the exercise. Then, which bring us to control. The objective of a Control is to perform the movement well in a controlled manner which includes the five basic movements; bend and lift, single leg, push, pull and rotation.

Furthermore, controls include progression from stability to instability or complexity and both instability and complexity. The last one, the Train component. The objective of train increase load of your training program which is dependent on your goal. It could be for general health, general fitness and performance which is the specific sport. The Train component needs to be personalised for the clients.

To conclude, the A.C.T Training Model is very applicable for everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goal. Essentially, you must have right body alignment, good control and smart training program to deliver your fitness goal. Trust me it works as I am using the program for my powerlifting training.

The Align, Control and Train!

3. Four main principles of Muscular Fitness

I learnt they are four main principles of Muscular Fitness. This muscular fitness includes endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power. Essentially, your health and fitness goal has a direct relationship with these principles of Muscular Fitness. Let’s dissect the definition each muscular fitness.

Firstly, Endurance is the ability of muscle or muscle group to perform multiple repetitions given maximal load. Simply put, the more extended repetition you can do of a particular exercise, the higher your endurance performance. Examples of endurance focused sport are circuit training and marathon.

Secondly, Hypertrophy is the technical term for an increase in muscle size (and definition). In other words, the exercise that stimulates your muscle to be bigger. Example of hypertrophy dominant sport is bodybuilding and physique competition.

Then, Strength is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to generate a maximal amount of muscle force for a particular exercise. In simple term, it is the maximum load you can lift in one repetition maximum. Example of strength focus sport is powerlifting and strongman.

Finally, Power is the ability to generate a significant magnitude of force in the shortest amount of time possible. The relationship between load and speed are inverse. It means the ability to move a heavy load in the highest speed possible. Example of power focus sport is weightlifting.

You may refer to the table below for the guideline of working intensity, repetition and working sets.

These training guidelines are not set in stone. The benefits of endurance, hypertrophy, strength, and power are like a spectrum. Training in the hypertrophy range will also elicit some endurance and strength gains, but mostly hypertrophy. This is similar to other range of sets and repetition. What you can do is look into your fitness goal and match it to the principles of Muscular Fitness.

That is all for my top three key learning from the Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI) by FITM. I am grateful to have a passionate educator, Adreanna and Sebastian for coaching us in the course. Without them, I do not think that I will get the Gold Award. Moving forward in the future, I would like to be a full time fitness trainer specialied in strength training.

Passionate Fitness Folk learning from the Certified Fitness Instructor Course.
The Learning Group of the Certified Fitness Instructor Course.

Feel free to e-mail me any related health and fitness question. I hope I can add value to you to achieve your health and fitness goal.

Gold Award for the Certified Fitness Instructor

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