Even Warren Buffet said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful person say no to almost everything”

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We have to be assertive is our decision making in our life and of course be smart at it. I wrote about goal setting before, and you have a read here, 7 EASY STEPS TO SET YOUR GOALS. Let me add an extension to that. Be very aware that you have 24 hours in a day to deliver your goal. Read Full Article


They are two types of people running the race. They are people who focus on the obstacles. They are people who focus on the finish line. Which one are you? The statement also similar when we live life.


They are two types of people in life. They are people who focus on the adversity. They are people who focus on the goal. Which one are you?

Let’s be practical. Setting goals seem easy. You write the plan of your goal nicely on a piece of paper or in your goal book.  After that, you leave it aside. Over a period of time, you tend to forget about it.  Here is the hard truth, the plan will not be materialized without execution.  Execution can be the main struggle. It is about getting things done and it takes the enormous amount of patience. The goal is to reach the finish line! Here are the 5 simple ways to focus on your finish line.

Make your goal VISIBLE

Our mind works well visually. What you can do is to make GOAL VISUAL BOARD and put your board in your room. It can be in a form of a whiteboard, chalkboard and pinboard. You can write your goal on your board.  You can stick pictures on it. You can do whatever you want on the board and put a deadline on your board. It must be very clear. Remember, clarity is power. You put Every day you wake up you will look at your GOAL VISUAL BOARD. You can look at it again at night and audit yourself. 

Goal Visual Board


Break down your goal into a LIST

You cannot swallow your whole meal in one go. You have to take one bite at a time and you can enjoy your meal. It is the same strategy when you are trying to achieve your goal. A massive goal is very overwhelming. It will cause you to lose confidence and motivation. The smart thing to do is to break down your massive goal into the actionable list. It has to be a specific and achievable task which you can do daily. It must practical and doable.  For each task completed, you will feel a confidence boost as you realise that you are one step closer to your goal. This makes reaching your ultimate goal that much easier.

For each task being checked, you will feel confidence boost as you realise that you are one step closer to your goal. Similar when you enjoy your meal one bite at a time, you can enjoy the process and the hustle to achieve your goal. That is how you can maintain your momentum and fire!

Action List

SHARE your goal with your friends or family

If your goal it not personal in nature, it is good to share with your friend and family. He or she will make you accountable. I am sure they are the ones you value to most. When they know your goal, they will have the expectation for you to achieve it. They will encourage you when you hit a wall. They will celebrate your success which will motivate you even more. Hence, this will help you to focus on your goal.

Accountability Buddy

Use positive WORD

There is a saying; “Words are Sharper than the two-edged sword” This is unbelievably true. What do you say about yourself will program your well-being in our mind and our soul.  When you say “I CAN”, it opens the door of possibility.  When you say ” I CAN’T”, it close the door of possibility.  Use positive word to describe your goal. By doing so, it programs your mind that it is achievable. It does not have to be some sophisticated sentence. Make it simple, yet impactful such as;


Positive word

AUDIT yourself

“Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” by Les Brown

In other words, audit yourself. It is a very important step in your goal hunting journey.  It requires an enormous amount of self-awareness and brutally honest with yourself.  It will help you adjust your journey if you sidetrack from your destination. It will help you to keep track of whether you are closer to your goal or not.  What can you do is get a book and write down your progress. You can use apps to help you as well.  However, I believe an old traditional book works best for me rather than apps. It helps me to focus with zero distraction.  Start with a question like the following;

  1. Am I on track?
  2. What did I do well today that allows me to achieve my goal?
  3. What did not I do well today that cause me to sidetrack from my goal?
  4. What can I learn from my shortcomings?
  5. How can I change that?

Here comes the power question,

  1. What are the rewards if I achieve my goal?
  2. What are the punishments if I did not achieve my goal?

Be very self-aware and be very honest with yourself. The best place to audit yourself is in front of your GOAL VISUAL BOARD. Ask yourself the questions above and make it a habit. You have to learn to face the painful truth rather than the beautiful lie. 

Audit Yourself

Let us break it down. 


Let’s do the work! See you at your finish line!



The moment you write your goal on a piece of paper, you just only took the first step. For you to take the second steps and to continue until you reach your goals is by taking action. Execution is the key to success!

People love the feeling of being motivated, they don`t like to put in the work do something about the feeling. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Here are 3 key points you need to remember to make sure you execute! You just need to do it!!

1. Plan.Do.Check.Adjust.

You need to PLAN your big goal backward by breaking it down into smaller goals. Write or draw the map out the goal that you want to achieve, up to where you are today! Your big goal could be one year to five years’ time. Then, break it down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Write down a simplified to-do list daily, which can be done within your 24 hours in a day. Remember to keep track of it! DO the listed task everyday and make it a habit!

The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits. ~ Tom Ziglar

Every night before you go to bed, spend 10 minutes to CHECK where you are on the list. Ask yourself, “What did I do well?”, “What I did not do well?”, “What can I learn from my shortcomings?” and “How can I change that?”. Be honest with yourself when you are answering these questions. Self-Awareness is the KEY! You have to be flexible to ADJUST your daily tasks to achieve your goal. Then, you need to PLAN for the next day. The cycle continues with persistence until you reach your goal.  In a month, perform a major CHECK and ADJUSTMENT on where you are in your journey to achieve your goal.

2. Visualised the reward and the punishment.

Here is the story, imagine there is a 10 million dollar put in front of you. What you need to do is to run towards it. Once you grab that 10 million dollar, it is all yours and you will be super rich! Imagine you are in the jungle and a hungry lion is chasing to hunt and eat you. What you need to do is to run towards a building that keeps you safe and alive. Between these two stories, which do you think will run faster? I believe most of you will say the second story. You need to run for your life.

However, I think you will run faster if you see both! Let the lion chase you and put the 10 million dollars in front of you. You will run even faster! The reward is being wealthy with 10 million dollars and the punishment being dead. Here is the punchline, visualized the reward when you achieved your goal and visualized the punishment when you fail to achieve your goal.

Always start with questions. “What is the reward or benefit if I achieve my goal?” and “What is the punishment or the pain if I DON`T achieve my goal?” Visualised it for every goal that written down. Visualised the reward and visualised the punishment!

3. Get an accountability partner.

Human, as typical as it sounds, is made imperfect. We have that tendency to deviate from the desired goal over a period of time. When I was 12 years all, my parents were my accountability partner. They make sure I get good results in school. They tracked my academic performance. As we move into adulthood, your parents may not be there to keep track of what you are doing all the time. Hence, you need people around you to help you. Especially, those who are already successful!

An accountability partner takes on the role of trusted confident or a mentor whom you trust and who can provide you with the guidance and motivation to move forward. We need them in different areas of life. Some of them possess skills in certain areas in which you may need to achieve your goal.  They are your important resources whom you can trust, and who genuinely wants to help you. They are not afraid to say, “Why do you have that goal?”, “You`re doing the wrong thing because I did this before. This is what you should do?”, “How is your goal progress?”, “How do you feel about it?”, “You did great! Keep it up?” and they will help you to visualize the reward and the punishment,

Let’s recap, the first one is to Plan.Do.Check.Adjust. Secondly, visualised the reward the punishment. Visualized if you achieve your goal and visualized if you fail to achieve your goal. Most importantly, get a trusted accountability partner to help to in your journey. Wishing you all the best!  Remember, execution is the key!!

Ideas are worthless, execution is the game! ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


goal setting-working-never-give-up-marvininspire


Self Awareness is about knowing yourself.  It means having a clear view of your personality. This may include your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, inspiration and emotions. Most importantly, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and acknowledge it!  You need to admit your strength and also admit your weakness. In other words, it is a battle between who you think you are or who you actually are? Honestly is key! Be ready to face the painful truth, rather than a beautiful lie. What’s work for others may now work for you! Find out your DNA! The next steps are to choose which one you need to focus on! The best option is to go all in on your strength and put the effort in it until it became your bread and butter! If you desire to work on your weakness, it is best you get help to speed up the process to be good at it!

The next steps are to choose which one you need to focus on! The best option is to go all in on your strength and put the effort in it until it became your bread and butter! If you desire to work on your weakness, it is best you get help to speed up the process to be good at it!

Once you know who you are with great depth and breath, self-awareness allows you to understand other people and the ways they perceive you.  You understand their attitude toward you. With that in place, you are able to respond instead or reaction which allows you to make a great decision!

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” – Billie Jean King


Once you know who you are, you need to execute! You need put in the work and effort to sharpen your skill! Start by setting a crystal clear goal! If you strongly believe you will be a great engineer, start working on it. If you strongly believe you will be a successful fitness coach, start working on it! If you strongly believe you great in making a video, start working on it! If you strongly believe you are good in writing a blog, start working on it! The bottoms like is the effort of execution! Ideas are great, however, it counts once it is being executed.



“All your ideas may be solid or even good. But you have to Actually EXECUTE on them for them to matter.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

With execution, you are able to audit yourself whether you are good at it! It goes back to self-awareness to know whether it is really your strength or weakness. If it is a strength, great! Keep working on it! If it is a weakness, adjust! Find ways to work on it or you discover your other strength!  Again, to know whether you are good at it. You have to execute!




Accountability is a strong sense of responsibility and obligation a person holds. You have to be ultimately answerable to every action you take, no matter whether you are right and wrong. Similar to self-awareness, you have to be brutally honest and uphold the value of integrity! Once you know your strength and belief, you are accountable to sharpen the skills and continue to sustain it! If you encounter setbacks and failure, you have to acknowledge it. Adjust and work on your recovery plan to get back on track. Again, your self-awareness attribute comes into play again. Adjust and execute!

“Accountability breeds response-ability.”  Stephen Covey

These are the key S.E.A formula of being successful! Self-awareness is to know where you are on your journey! It allows you to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. Then, you got to execute to determine whether that is your weakness or your strength! Finally, you need to take accountability for whether you are right and especially when you are wrong!


In my previous post, I wrote about The 5 Destructive Effect of Fear! Please do check it out to understand the impact of letting your fear to control you. Now I am going to cover the recovery side of fear. Here are the 7 great steps to overcome fear!

1. Admit your Fears

You cannot overcome fear unless you first need to acknowledge them. What you should do, you need to make a list of your fear. If you are unable to do so, you may be still running from those feeling. Hence, you need to observe of your feeling. If your heart race for no reason, you feel paralysed into inaction and you feel nervous for no reason. These are the response due to fear. Do not overthink, write your fear down first! That is the first step.

2. Determine the Source of your Fears

James Thurber

All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running away from and to and why.

Fear also is known as False Expectations Appear Real.  Most people`s fear is based not on facts, but on feeling. You need to look beyond the irrational feeling you may possess and discover the expectation that lies beneath them. Guess what, it does not exist! It is an imagination that created by the mind!

3. Acknowledge that fears limit you

J.H Newman.

Fear not that your life will come to an end but that it will never have a beginning.

That is what can happen if you let fear take over your life. Honestly, most of our fear are baseless. The rest are simple things we must learn to live with it. There are no guarantees in life. People look for things to protect them. It could be alarms, umbrellas, smartphone, GPS system, and cars with ABS system. Here is the fact, life is dangerous, damaging your health, and will eventually kill you. So you might as well live life to the fullest. Take that risk to overcome that fear!

4. Accept that Fear is the price of Growth

Steve Harvey

Believe it or not, every successful person in this world has jumped!

One of the secrets of success is not letting what you cannot interfere with what you can do. A strong proponent of positive thinking, Stone said that the secret to making sales was going where you do not want to go and doing what you do not want to do. You need to take that leap into the fear. Most importantly, do not let your fear keep you from taking small steps in your development. You never know where they might lead. It may unlock your potential within you.

5. Change fear into desire

Cus D’Amato

The hero and the coward both feel exactly the same fear, only the hero confronts his fear and converts into fire.

Every negative emotion we feel can be converted into something positive to help us to grow in life.

Fear of poverty? Convert it to a positive work ethic.

Fear of greediness? Convert it to generosity.

Fear of rejection? Convert it to acceptance.

Fear of insignificance? Convert it to service of others.

People can turn their life around them by takings the very thing that once created fear and using the energy to do something positive and worthwhile.  It is an always a choice to make to change your decision for a better option.

6. Focus on Things You can Control

There are always things that you cannot control in life. Guess what, there is no good reason to worry about those things. It can be very energy draining.

Harold Stephens.

There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.

The right question to asked, What can I do to be a Problem Solver? Always focus on the things that you can control. To do that, there are 2 things. First is the attitude. As you interact with people, you cannot control their action. No matter how much you like it. But you can control your attitude. Boys react, men respond. The second part of it is your calendar. You may not be able to control today, but you can do your best to plan the time you have. Most people who fear the future so so because they do not prepare for it.

7. Feed the Good and Starve the Bad!

It is a battle between FEAR and FAITH. Either one will arise within you. It is your choice to choose which one will triumph. These emotions will always be presents in you. The emotion you continue to feed is the one that will control your life. You cannot expect fear to simply disappear. If you continue to focus on your fears and entertain them, they will increase. The way to handle it is to starve them. Do not give your fears any of your time or energy.  Do not feed them with gossip or negatives news. It can be very draining.

What you should do? Focus on your faith! Feed it with positive food. The more energy and time you give it. It will become stronger. At any point in time, if there is a spark of fear. Take action by go ahead and do it! By doing so, you are reprogramming your attitude. When there is fear, it means “GO” instead of “STOP”. When there is fear, it means “FIGHT HARDER” instead of “GIVE UP”.

Keep in mind, no matter how strong a hold fear may try to take on you, it can be overcome. Fear is just in mind and attitude can make a major difference.  Most importantly, do the work and take action!

If you are not in control of your fear, the fear are in control of you!



Get an accountability buddy to help you to beat that fear! He or She must not be afraid of the fear that you are facing. If you are afraid of heights, your buddy must not be afraid of heights. If you are afraid of thunder, your buddy must not be afraid of thunder as well.   Your buddy can help you to grow to faced fear. Your buddy can show you that it is alright to face it and the fear does not exist.

The content was taken from the Difference Makerwritten by John C. Maxwell and with a spice of my thought. Definitely, a book to read and highly recommended for those who want to learn to manage their attitude.

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