I completed my first fitness certification which is the Certified Fitness Instructor(CFI) course by FITM. And, I am grateful that I received the Gold Award. Just because a person achieved certification, the learning never stops. Always a student, never a master. Mastery is a journey, and it is not a destination. Looking beyond that, I am grateful to meet people that have the same passion for fitness. Beseides that, I really enjoy the teaching given by the educator and I hope to use the skills to help other people to achieve their health and fitness goal.

I receive my Gold Award Fitness Instructor Course
I`m taking my first step into the Fitness Industry

Right now, I would like to share three key points that I learnt from the Certified Fitness Instructor course. I am confident these learnings will add value to you.

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What is the Barbell Complex?

There are very similar to circuit workout. But it is done with barbell exercise. It is the workout that combines 4 to 6 exercises back-to-back for 5 to 10 reps without taking rest in between the exercises. Of course, this is depending on your fitness level. You will not leave the barbell from your hand until all the exercises are done.  You rest for 1-3 minutes and do them again for a number of sets. Hence, the name Barbell Complex!


What are the benefits of the Barbell Complex?

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The Kuching Powerlifting Meet was held on the 6 January 2018.  I was inspired by David Liaw who is also my coach.  He was the first one to sign up. After a few weeks thinking about it, I also signed up for it to get the experience.  It was my very first Powerlifting Meet and I need to express my appreciation to David for programming my workout. He came in third in the competition and received the heaviest squat award with 200kg. Congratulation to you!

I managed to deliver a total of 8/9 lifting attempts. My top weight for my squat was 160kg, bench press was 110kg and the deadlift was 205kg.  The top weights gave me a total of 475kg. Overall, I am happy with my first official record.  

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