In front of the office building. Source: Claudius Photography

My name is Marvin. I am an average person with a day job, working as an engineer. I am married to a beautiful wife, Patrissa. I always call her Sweetheart.  I love her so much. Indeed, lots for us to learn and experiences from each other. I am grateful to her for supporting me on this MARViNSPIRE FITNESS journey. Like any other people who worked in the corporate world, my day job is very routine and most of the time demanding. However, I like my job as I experiencing growth technically and the non-technically. I am given a platform to build people skills and learning new knowledge on application engineering. Overall, I am happy with it. But, at times I need to work late. It is definitely not ideal when you are going to start a family. I wanted to do something more than a routine job day in and day out. 


Our Wedding Day

In other words, I have the need to feel fulfiled. I discovered my passion for fitness when I was studying at the university. Specifically, on Powerlifting. Then, I get to know Spartan Race. I just love pushing my body to the limit and seeing it doing an amazing thing. The human body is indeed the most amazing creation of God. However, I did not go all into my passion, knowing that I need to be realistic at the same time to earn a living. That is the reason am I still working as an engineer to keep the food on the table and pay my commitments.

On the 28 May 2015, was one of my family darkest day. It was the day my father was called to Heaven. Our family miss him. We miss his smile. We miss his laugh. We miss his advice. We miss his presence. I really wish there is a phone line to Heaven to give him a call. That is how life is. It has an exciting way to spice up our journey. With all the ups and down of life. His calling to heaven is a wake-up call for me. Life on earth is so precious. I thought happiness is enough. His calling to Heaven reminds me of life fulfilment.

my late father

That is the moment, I made a decision to pursue my passion for fitness.  The finish line is to be a Certified Fitness Coach, a stronger Powerlifter and a competitive Spartan Race.  It is now my side-hustle. I love the process. I am choosing to work to live, rather than live to work. By doing so, never forget to live the life fulfilled by building your passion and especially, spending time with your loved ones. Time is really short. Death indeed gave meaning to life. Always live a life fulfilled.


I was reading the book titled, Over the Top written by Zig Ziglar. One of the keys take away from the book was there are four stages of life for every single person on earth. There are survival, stability, success and significance. We must be aware of this process of life. We must have the drive to move from survival to stability, from stability to success, from success to significance. I believe, my wife and I are at the stage of stability. We had a stable income and afford to live pretty well. However, we need to continue to grow and be better than yesterday. What is your definition of success? What is your definition of significance?

My definition of success to achieve freedom of financial with no dept. To achieve freedom of time. Time to spend with family. Time to workout. Time to live life with a passion being a fitness coach. Being significant is about giving back to others. It is about building a legacy.  My definition of significance is to give back and inspire people to live a stronger and healthy lifestyle.  I want to help people to progress from survival to stability. Progress from stability to success and finally the process to being significance riding on their passion. In order for me to do that, I have to be in a significance stage first. 


Progressing from stability to success require risk and sacrifice. It takes consistency and discipline.  It will not be easy, given that I have a demanding and routine day job and a young family.  Deep down I know it will be worth it to build my life legacy through my fitness journey. Therefore, I started the to document and share my knowledge from what I experienced and learnt. This is the fulfilment that I am going to achieve, and I will achieve. This is my story. I am going to write it with my own hands and building my legacy. What is your story?